Northwest District No New Wildland Fires – 19 Total Fires

Wildfire Update

THUNDER BAY — The Northwest Fire Region provides the latest update on the wildfire situation as of September 14, 2023, at 5:57 PM CDT.

Recent Fire Activity

As of the late afternoon of September 14, no new fires have been confirmed in the Northwest Region. This reflects a commendable level of vigilance and fire management efforts across the region.

Current Wildfire Status

At present, the Northwest Region contends with a total of 19 active fires. Among these, six fires are under control, and 13 fires remain under close observation. The collaborative work of fire management teams continues to be instrumental in addressing these incidents effectively.

Wildfire Hazard Assessment

The wildland fire hazard assessment underscores varying risk levels across the Northwest Region this afternoon. The assessment reveals predominantly moderate to high fire hazard conditions in the region, with areas of low hazard observed along the Manitoba border and extending from Quetico Provincial Park to Thunder Bay.

For a detailed overview of fire hazard conditions in your specific area and to stay informed about regional fires, refer to our Interactive Map.

Fire Safety Guidelines

Aviation, Forest Fire, and Emergency Services emphasize the importance of adhering to established safety guidelines:

  • Outdoor Burning Regulations: The public is reminded to exercise caution when engaging in outdoor burning activities, particularly as we transition into the fall season. To dispose of yard waste and woody debris, consider environmentally friendly methods such as composting or utilizing local landfills. If outdoor burning is necessary, strict adherence to Ontario’s Outdoor Burning Regulations is crucial. These regulations stipulate that fires must be ignited no sooner than two hours before sunset and extinguished no later than two hours after sunrise. Always maintain the necessary tools and water to contain fires at the site. Familiarize yourself with the complete set of Outdoor Burning Regulations for safe outdoor burning practices.
  • Safe Burning Practices: For comprehensive guidance on safe burning practices, including burning grass and woody debris safely, visit How to burn grass and woody debris safely |

Reporting Wildland Fires

The Northwest Fire Region encourages the prompt reporting of wildland fires. To report a wildland fire situated north of the French and Mattawa rivers, please dial 310-FIRE. For forest fires located south of the French or Mattawa rivers, please dial 911. Timely reporting plays a pivotal role in facilitating swift response and the effective management of wildfires throughout the region.

Stay informed, stay safe, and actively contribute to safeguarding our communities against the ongoing wildfire challenges.

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