Wildland Fire Report: Monitoring 34 Wildfires in the Northwest Region

Wildfire Update

Current Wildfire Status – Northwest

THUNDER BAY – Wildland Fire Report – As of this report, the Northwest Region is contending with 34 active fires. Within this count, 2 fires are being held, 8 fires are under control, and 24 fires remain under observation.

Evaluating Fire Hazard

The degree of wildland fire hazard within the Northwest Region displays a range from moderate to high. Along the Hudson Bay shoreline and between Thunder Bay and Lake of the Woods, bands of low fire hazard are identified. Notably, an area of extreme fire hazard is observed around Marten Falls.

Smoke Outlook and Projection

Certain parts of the Northwest Region might be susceptible to smoke drift originating from Western Canada. To access real-time and projected smoke conditions, individuals can visit FireSmoke.ca. For those with concerns about potential health impacts related to smoke exposure, Telehealth Ontario can be contacted at 811.

Prioritizing Safety: Waterbombers and Drones

Safeguarding firefighting operations necessitates maintaining a safe distance from waterbombers in action. When waterbombers are engaged in water scooping, positioning oneself close to the shore is crucial. To prevent encroaching watercraft from posing safety risks, waterbombers abstain from sourcing water from lakes or rivers.

Flying drones in proximity to forest fires presents both a dangerous and illegal activity. Such actions not only violate regulations but also imperil the lives of pilots, firefighters, and emergency personnel. Such behavior can exacerbate fire situations.

Immediate Reporting of Wildland Fires

For the prompt reporting of wildland fires situated north of the French and Mattawa rivers, reach out via 310-FIRE. To report forest fires located south of these rivers, dial 911. For personalized fire hazard information pertinent to your locale and comprehensive updates on regional fires, explore our Interactive Map.

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