Wildland Fire Report: Monitoring 33 Wildfires in the Northeast Region

Wildfire Update

Current Wildfire Status in Northeast District

Sault Ste Marie – Wildfire Report – In the Northeast Region, there are presently 33 active wildland fires. Among these, 4 fires are under control, while 29 fires remain under observation.

Assessing Fire Hazard

The prevailing wildland fire hazard within the Northeast Region today is rated as low to moderate. An exception is noted with one localized area presenting a high fire hazard level. This high fire hazard pocket is situated to the north of Kapuskasing.

Smoke Impact and Forecast

Individuals with an interest in tracking smoke forecasts can access current and projected conditions through FireSmoke.ca. For any health-related concerns stemming from potential smoke exposure, direct inquiries to Telehealth Ontario at 811.

Upholding Fireworks Safety

While fireworks are an exciting summer tradition, it’s vital to prioritize fire safety. It is imperative to understand that any ignition of a wildland fire due to fireworks could lead to individual responsibility for the resultant costs. Opting for organized fireworks events, rather than setting off your own, is a proactive safety measure.

Promoting Safety: Waterbombers and Drones

Safeguarding the integrity of firefighting operations necessitates maintaining a secure distance from waterbombers in action. When waterbombers approach water bodies, moving toward the shore ensures safe water scooping procedures. Waterbombers avoid sourcing water from lakes or rivers when the presence of watercraft poses potential safety risks.

Operating drones in proximity to forest fires not only violates regulations but also poses significant risks. By flying drones near fire zones, individuals endanger pilots, firefighters, and emergency personnel while potentially exacerbating the situation.

Immediate Reporting of Wildland Fires

For prompt reporting of wildland fires located north of the French and Mattawa rivers, contact 310-FIRE. To report forest fires situated south of these rivers, dial 911.

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