Speeding Motorist on Onion Lake Road Faces Stunt Driving Charge

Stunt Driving charges

A local driver’s attempt to “catch up” to a friend results in a suspended license, an impounded vehicle, and an upcoming court date.

THUNDER BAY – NEWS – On Saturday, Aug. 19, around 5 p.m., a local motorist was flagged for nearly doubling the allowed speed limit on Onion Lake Road, allegedly in an attempt to “catch up” to a friend.

An officer from the Thunder Bay Police Service’s Traffic Unit was carrying out speed checks using LIDAR technology. The officer noticed a silver sedan, driven by a female motorist, cruising at 99 km/h on a stretch of the road where the maximum speed limit is clearly marked at 50 km/h.

The traffic stop was executed without any complications. During the subsequent conversation, the driver mentioned her high speed was an effort to reach her friend, who was ahead and also exceeding the speed limit by approximately 30 km/h.

Understanding the Charge:

The motorist has been handed a stunt driving charge. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, stunt driving, or racing, can entail serious consequences. Drivers found guilty can face substantial fines, a possible jail term, and a prolonged license suspension.

Immediate Repercussions:

Beyond the upcoming appearance in the provincial offences court this fall:

  • The driver’s vehicle has been impounded, with a retention period of 14 days.
  • Their driving privileges have been suspended for a full month.

Public Appeal:

Authorities urge drivers to adhere to speed limits and exercise caution on the roads to ensure safety for all road users.

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