Melvin L. Sims III-Helping Landlords and Tenants Using His Legal Knowledge and Creative Flair


    Finding the best team of skilled professionals, carpenters, and property managers to work with is often something landlords spend a lot of money and time on. However, they should devote the same amount of effort, if not more, to hiring a real estate and landlord-tenant attorney because of the numerous benefits they provide through their services.

    A landlord-tenant and real estate attorney like Melvin L. Sims III acts as an invaluable resource which is highly familiar with the state’s landlord-tenant and real estate law.  Such lawyers hold the answers to the questions of landlords and tenants alike regarding how to handle the legal situations that inevitably arise in the landlord-tenant relationship. Often, landlords can accidentally violate the law and find themselves in costly and complex legal situations as a result. Therefore, establishing a relationship with an attorney like Sims, who can guide them through the legal maneuvers to avoid the messy liability that can be caused by a lack of knowledge of specific laws and ordinances, is a best practice for residential and commercial landlords. Most landlords would benefit significantly from having an attorney like Sims on their side to use his specialized knowledge of real estate and landlord-tenant law to ensure that they do not encounter any unanticipated legal problems with their property or tenancies.

    At one point or another, a landlord will experience issues with a property or tenant. Although it might appear to be more cost-efficient for a landlord to simply try to deal with the problem on their own, in the long run, hiring a landlord-tenant and real estate attorney to select the most appropriate legal course of action can save the landlord hours of frustration and thousands of dollars. Working with a seasoned landlord-tenant attorney who is familiar with state and local laws is the best course of action in these instances. They can also offer landlords the support they need to keep their rental business moving forward and can also assist them in making the best legal decisions.

    A landlord-tenant and real estate attorney is generally familiar with all aspects of legal property management and the typical issues that confront landlords. Therefore, the services of an attorney can help both parties involved avoid issues that could result in serious legal battles or high costs. It’s common for landlords to believe that they must be prepared to deal with everything on their own. However, property law and management are phenomena that not everyone can understand. Whether you’re a new property owner or have a great deal of experience in multi-family asset property management, there will still be situations when recruiting a seasoned landlord-tenant and real estate attorney like Melvin L.  Sims III for additional legal guidance will be to your greatest advantage.

    With fifteen years of experience under his belt, the well-known landlord-tenant attorney
    Melvin L. Sims III has been prosecuting and defending commercial and residential landlord-tenant lawsuits like multi-family asset purchases and sales, evictions, direct actions, statutory interpretation, and lease disputes all across Northern Illinois. Apart from being a landlord-tenant attorney, Sims is also a real estate broker who specializes in the management, leveraging, and transfer of multi-unit assets and commercial properties.

    Sims was born to Barbara Sims and Melvin L. Sims Jr. in Cook County, Illinois, on July 25, 1974, and reared in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Chicago. Sims attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School.

    Since childhood, Sims had an interest in competitive sports and participated in various sporting events during his time at Whitney Young and the Northfield Mt. Hermon School in Western Massachusetts. Sims was the varsity heavyweight starter on the NMH wrestling team during his post-graduate year.

    Later, Sims went abroad for a year to study at the University of Fort Hare in Alice, South Africa. There, he developed a passion for rugby and started as the tight head prop for the Fort Hare Blues. In 1997, Sims acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Amherst College, where he played for the Amherst College Rugby Football Club at the number 12 inside center position. In 2002, Sims graduated from Howard University School of Law with a Juris Doctorate.

    Sims was appointed the Young Lawyers Section Chair of the Cook County Bar Association in 2006 and soon after became the National Coordinator of Seyfarth Shaw LLP’s Affinity Group of African-American Attorneys (“A+”).

    In 2009, Sims was chosen as Region VII Director of the National Bar Association, where he was responsible for National Bar Association business and membership in the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. He also served as one of the twelve Regional Directors appointed to the NBA’s Board of Governors. Additionally, Sims has held the positions of Chairman of the CCBA Young Lawyers Section, Treasurer on the Board of Directors of the Cook County Bar Association (CCBA), and Board of Directors of the Labor Relations/Personnel Policies subcommittee of the former Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago.

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