Weather Bulletin: Thunder Bay – A Sunlit Haven!

Eternity and Tai Enjoying the CLE
Today will be the perfect day to wind down the 2023 Canadian Lakehead Exhibition. Here, Eternity and Tai Roll with Bigfoot!

Today’s Forecast: “Sunny Side Up!”

Hello, Thunder Bay! Rise and shine to an absolutely sunlit day. The skies have cleared up, promising you a bright and radiant day. Temperatures are set to peak at a delightful 22°C.

This is your last chance to enjoy the 2023 Canadian Lakehead Exhibition. The weather will be perfect for a great day of rides, fun, midway food, and checking out the exhibits.

Honestly do you believe it is already August 13th! Be sure to do some outside fun today!

UV Watch:
Sun seekers, remember that the UV index is hitting a high 7 today. That means while the sun will be generously offering its warmth, it’s important to shield your skin. Consider sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and shades when out and about.

Tonight’s Forecast: “Star Gazer’s Delight”

With the night sky being devoid of clouds, it’s the perfect setting for some stargazing. Or perhaps, a quiet moment on your porch, sipping on some warm tea. The mercury will dip to a cool 10°C.

Tomorrow’s Outlook: “Another Day, More Sun Rays!”

Monday, 14th August: If you enjoyed today’s sunlit spectacle, you’re in for an encore. The sun continues its dominant streak, making the day mainly sunny. The high will be a comfy 23°C, though with the humidex tipping at 25, it might feel just a touch warmer.

💌 Community Connect:
Thunder Bay, we know how beautiful our city can look under the sun’s golden glow. If you capture any picturesque moments, or just want to share your sunny day experience, send them over to

Stay sun-kissed, Thunder Bay, but remember to stay safe and protected under those rays!

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