Northeast District Wildfire Report: 33 Active Wildland Fires

Wildfire Update

SAULT STE. MARIE – Wildfire Update – The Northeast Region stands in a state status quo. The update for August 12 reveals a dynamic where the emergence of new wildland fires has been held at bay, a testament to collective efforts.

Current Fire Scene

As this report unfolds, the Northeast Region is marked by a tally of 33 active wildland fires. Within this mosaic, 28 fires rest under observant watch, while another five have yielded to the disciplined hands of control.

Decoding Fire Hazard

The fire hazard canvas unfurls, presenting a picture predominantly colored by low fire hazard across the expanse of the Northeast Region. Yet, pockets of moderate fire hazard emerge as points of interest:

  • Lake Abitibi reveals its moderate fire hazard.
  • Kesagami Provincial Park, a haven of nature’s beauty, shows traces of moderate fire hazard.
  • In Moosonee, the environment presents a measured challenge, with a touch of moderate fire hazard.

Guiding Fire Safety

Responsible actions are the cornerstone of preserving safety and sanctity:

  • Respecting Waterbombers: When waterbombers alight on water bodies, moving to the shoreline facilitates their safe operation. A waterbomber’s scoop operation remains suspended if encroaching watercraft pose a threat.
  • No Drone Zone: The airspace surrounding forest fires is strictly off-limits for drones. By heeding this caution, lives of pilots, firefighters, and emergency responders are safeguarded.

Prompt Reporting, United Response

To join hands in addressing wildland fires, rapid response is pivotal. For incidents occurring north of the French and Mattawa rivers, communicate promptly by dialing 310-FIRE. South of these rivers, expeditious reporting serves as a key through a call to 911.

In unity, we embrace the commitment to safety and the preservation of our cherished landscapes. Let’s stand resilient against the elements, nurturing an environment of harmony and protection.

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