Weather Report: Thunder Bay – A Dance of Sun and Showers!

Kids Zone at CLE
Rain or shine the kids zone at the CLE is amazing.

Today’s Forecast: “Morning Mists & Mild Moments”

Hello, Thunder Bay folks! The day kicks off with the tail end of some morning showers, soon making space for a mainly cloudy scene.

The CLE is in full swing. With only a 30 per cent chance of rain this afternoon and into the evening it is going to be an amazing night for fun.

Wind Watch:
A breezy start with north winds at 20 km/h, but expect them to mellow down by early afternoon.

Temperature Tidbits:
Today’s thermometer will hit a comfy 19°C — a perfect balance of cool and warm.

UV Update:
Despite the clouds, our UV index stands at a moderate 5. So if you’re stepping out, a dab of sunscreen might still be a good idea!

Tonight’s Forecast: “Starry Serenades”

As the day fades, the clouds plan to drift away, unveiling a clear evening. Stargazers, this might be your cue!

Nighttime Numbers:
Temperatures will dip to a cool 10°C, so if you’re planning an evening walk, perhaps take a light sweater.

Tomorrow’s Glimpse: “Sunny Surprises & Shower Sprinkles”

Sunday, 13th August: The day promises a delightful mix of sun and cloud. However, there’s a hint of unpredictability with a 30% chance of rain showers.

Temperature Touch:
Feeling a touch warmer than Saturday, tomorrow’s highs are expected to reach 21°C. It’s the kind of day that embraces every essence of summer.

📷 Capturing Clouds & Sunbeams! ☀️🌦️

Did the sky paint a picture worth capturing? Send over your weekend sky shots to Let’s celebrate Thunder Bay’s ever-changing canopy!

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