Unveiling the Mystique: Latest Rumours Surrounding the iPhone 15 Pro!

Apple iPhone 15 Pro - Ice Universe / Twitter
Apple iPhone 15 Pro - Image Credit - Ice Universe / Twitter

THUNDER BAY – TECH – Apple enthusiasts are awaiting the new iPhone 15 Pro. The Apple World is buzzing with updates on the new phone. Here are some of the latest:

The upcoming iPhone 16 is poised to offer a substantial improvement in low-light photography, thanks to Sony’s advanced sensor technology. Even as Android devices are set to utilize Sony sensors, Apple will differentiate itself by incorporating its unique software to maximize the capability of the sensors when the phone is released.

It is not certain yet which of Sony’s stacked sensor technologies will be used in the iPhone 16 Pro’s cameras. However, informed speculations can be made. Sony’s newest iteration of stacked sensor technology distinguishes the photo diodes from pixel transistors, which are usually combined into one layer. This differentiation allows for larger photo diodes, responsible for light capture, while maintaining the same overall pixel size.

USB C Charging

The iPhone 15 brings in USB-c charging replacing the Apple Lightning cable. This is huge as it allows more flexibility to users, and is brought about by a decision in the European Union to standardize all phone charging cables.

Boosting Storage in iPhone 15 Pro

Photography and filmmaking enthusiasts keen on ample built-in storage should anticipate the premium iPhone 15 Pro models launching in September. Rumorus suggest storage capacities of up to 2TB.

One supplier has verified that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will potentially offer twice the storage capacity of the iPhone 14 Pro variants. This means Apple might offer four storage variants – 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB. These speculations align with other rumours hinting at a price surge for the iPhone 15 Pro models this year.”

Emerging Details on the Action Button

There’s been recurring buzz about replacing the mute switch on the upcoming iPhone with a customizable action button. With recently leaked third-party case designs, it seems the action button may indeed be a feature.

The revealed cases appear to display three iPhone 15 Pro MagSafe case replicas in shades of dark green, black, and dark blue. Notably, instead of a cutout above the volume controls, these cases exhibit a smaller button, consistent with expectations of the mute switch’s replacement.

Apple Begins Testing Advanced MacBook Pro Models

Apple has initiated in-house trials for its forthcoming professional-grade MacBook Pro. Revelations from third-party developer logs indicate the presence of the next-gen M3 Max Apple Silicon chipset, which seemingly packs more power than an average user might demand.

This potent chipset boasts 12 high-performance cores tailored for rigorous tasks like video editing. In contrast, four efficiency cores are geared towards lighter activities such as internet browsing.

When juxtaposed with the premier M2 chipset variants for laptops, this new processor has an added four high-performance CPU cores and a minimum of two extra graphics cores. Moreover, the MacBook Pro under examination comes equipped with a whopping 48GB of RAM.

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