Weather Report: Thunder Bay – Of Showers, Sun, and Sensations!


Today’s Forecast: “A Rhythmic Rainy Rendition!”

Hello Thunder Bay! The skies are poised for a melodic mix of rain and possible thunder today. If you’re stepping out, make it a point to grab an umbrella and embrace the natural symphony!

Don’t let the weather dampen the kids and kids at heart’s enthusiasm for the CLE. The Northern Pikes take to the stage tonight at 9:30!

Winds & UV:
The gusty winds from the east, speeding up to 20 km/h and potentially gusting to 40, are joining the ensemble today. With the mercury tipping at 16°C, and a UV index of 3, consider that sunscreen your backstage pass.

Tonight’s Forecast: “Curtains of Clouds & Rainy Riffs!”

Evening plans? Expect the clouds to hold their ground and bestow upon us a 60% chance of some scattered showers. The winds, meanwhile, take a mellow turn, slowing to a gentle 20 km/h and eventually, to a calming whisper by evening.

Night Watch:
Blanket up, as the temperatures plan to serenade us with a pleasant 13°C.

Tomorrow’s Glimpse: “A Mellow Melange!”

Saturday, 12th August: A tableau of clouds, with some coy hints of sunshine, await us. They’re teasing with a 30% chance of showers.

Temperature & UV Narratives:
It’s set to be a bit warmer, reaching up to 22°C. However, with the humidex in play, it might feel more like a sultry 25°C. The UV index at 4 prompts a bit of care for your skin. Sunblock might just be your best friend!

🌧️ Tales of Thunder Bay & Rainy Reflections 🌧️
Ever had the rain play cupid? Or the thunder brew a plot twist? We’re eager to hear! Share your rain-tinted tales with us at

To the vibrant souls of Thunder Bay, dance in the rain, seek the silver linings, and let every weather twist lead to an unforgettable tale!

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