Northeast District Wildfire Report: 34 Active Fires and Two New Fires

Wildfire Update

Current Fire Dynamics

Sault Ste. Marie – Wildfire Report – As twilight set on August 10, the Northeast Region bears the responsibility of monitoring 34 active wildland fires. Among these, one remains uncontrolled, six are under control, and the status of 27 is being closely observed.

New Incidents Unfold

The unfolding narrative of fire incidents encompasses two recently confirmed cases:

  1. Wawa 29: Initially verified during the evening of August 9 and subsequently extinguished on August 10, this 0.1-hectare fire was situated approximately 22.6 kilometers northeast of Marathon. A dedicated FireRanger crew undertook swift suppression measures to neutralize the threat.
  2. Wawa 30: This ongoing 0.1-hectare fire, currently not under control, finds its location about 5.7 kilometers southwest of Pan Lake Fen Provincial Park and 15.2 kilometers west of Highway 614. A vigilant FireRanger team is engaged in suppression efforts to mitigate its impact.

Assessment of Fire Hazard

Across the expanse of the Northeast Region, the landscape witnesses a gradient of fire hazard, ranging from low to moderate. Notable concentrations of high fire hazard are observable around key areas such as Pukaskwa National Park, Biscotasi Lake Provincial Park, Kirkland Lake, Cochrane, and extending from Espanola to Greater Sudbury. To acquire a detailed appraisal of fire hazard conditions in your vicinity, direct your attention to our interactive map.

Monitoring Smoke Patterns

For those with an inclination towards observing smoke forecasts, direct your attention to Here, you can access real-time and forecasted smoke conditions to stay informed.

Embracing Fireworks Safety

The allure of fireworks punctuates summer, yet the significance of fire safety remains paramount. Remember, the ignition of wildland fires due to errant firework residues bears grave consequences. To mitigate these risks, consider patronizing organized fireworks events as opposed to engaging in individual displays.

Contributing to Firefighter Safety

By ensuring the safety of emergency responders and our environments, you play a pivotal role:

  • Waterbomber Safety: When waterbombers approach water bodies, facilitate their operations by moving closer to the shore. This aids in safe scooping. Be advised that watercraft proximity can deter waterbomber operations in potentially unsafe conditions.
  • Upholding a No Drone Zone: In the vicinity of forest fires, it is imperative to abstain from flying drones. Such actions imperil the lives of pilots, firefighters, and emergency personnel.

Report Wildland Fires

To actively contribute to fire containment, promptly report wildland fires located north of the French and Mattawa rivers by calling 310-FIRE. For incidents south of these rivers, call 911 without delay.

In this collaborative endeavour, your vigilance and commitment to safety are highly regarded. Let us persist in our shared goal of safeguarding our landscapes and communities. Stay vigilant, stay safe.

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