Weather Report: Thunder Bay – The Celestial Cinema of Clouds, Showers & Sunshowers!


Today’s Forecast: “Of Morning Maybes & Afternoon Ambles”

Greetings, Thunder Bay! Today’s atmospheric arena presents a play of clouds, punctuated with a 40% sprinkling chance early on. The northwest winds, eager for some morning action, will whiz at 20 km/h and gust up to 40 km/h, only to take a leisurely break by midday.

Don’t let anything like weather interfere in the enjoyment of the CLE. Tonight it is 54-40 on the stage at 9:30!

The Port Arthur Stadium is the scene of WBSC Women’s World Cup Baseball – Check out the action! Team Canada is 2-0 and rocking!

Temperature Tango & UV Update: The thermometer is set to dance to a rhythmic 23°C, but it might feel like a slightly steamy 25°C. And for our sun worshippers, the UV index plays at a moderate 5, so keep that sunblock close and those sunglasses closer.

Tonight’s Skyline Story: “Of Whispering Winds & Celestial Canvases”

As the curtain of dusk descends, we’re left with a stage of clouds but no sign of celestial tears. The night, wrapped in a comforting 11°C, promises silent tales and starry trails.

Tomorrow’s Forecast: “Murmurs of Rain & Thunder’s Refrain”

Friday, 11th August: The morning mists bring with them a 40% whisper of rain, which is likely to crescendo into more pronounced showers by noon. But the real drama might unfold in the afternoon with a thunderstorm hoping for a cameo. The southeast wind, not one to be left out, will breeze through at 20 km/h, before settling into a gentle lull.

Temperature & UV Insights: The day promises a high of 17°C. As for our UV enthusiasts, tomorrow’s index sits at a moderate 4 – your cue to strut in those sunhats.

Thunder Bay’s Picture Parade!

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Thunder Bay, whether it’s a drizzle or a dazzle, let’s embrace every droplet and ray!

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