Weather Report: Fort Frances – Cloud Chronicles, Thunderous Tidbits & Foggy Fables!

Weather Update Fall

Today’s Forecast: “Of Cloudy Curtains & Fog’s Final Act”

Hello, Fort Frances! While our morning begins under a cozy blanket of clouds, the fog is bowing out for its final act, making way for sunlit peeks and gentle breezes.

Temperature Tease & UV Update: The mercury is set to climb to a radiant 21°C. But do remember, with a UV index at a lofty 6, it’s the day to flaunt those sun hats and slap on the sunscreen.

Tonight’s Twilight Tale: “Showers, Shivers, & Thunder’s Quivers”

When night approaches and stars play hide and seek, the heavens might shed a tear or two (with a 40% probability post-midnight). And as a climactic twist, a thunderstorm might just crash the overnight party! The southeast wind, not wanting to miss out, plans to sway and swirl at 20 km/h.

Temperature Touch: Night nestles at a mild 13°C, making it ideal for late-night chats or stargazing between the clouds.

Tomorrow’s Forecast: “Mystical Mornings & Cloudy Yearnings”

Friday, 11th August: Expect a morning curtain call from the showers, likely followed by their exit notes in the afternoon. Thunder, being the drama king it is, might make its roaring appearance too. As the day wanes, clouds intend to stay, bringing with them a 30% chance of evening drizzles. And oh! The local rainfall could measure between 10 to 15 mm.

Temperature & UV Insights: Tomorrow promises a high of 20°C with a feel of 25°C thanks to the humidex. The UV index at 4 suggests moderation – so keep those sunshades handy!

Fort Frances’ Fabulous Frames!

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Fort Frances, rain or shine, let every weathered moment intertwine with stories divine!

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