Sioux Lookout Sizzler: Is It Cloudy with a Chance of… Meatballs?

Sioux Lookout

Hey clouds, don’t be shy! We see you peeking!

Today: Mysterious Cloud Cover

Sioux Lookout – Weather – As the sun rises, our skies are playing peek-a-boo, with clouds increasing early in the morning. Will it shower? Will it not? It’s a 30% guessing game! With temperatures hitting a pleasant 25°C, you might feel that sneaky Humidex pushing it up to 28°C. Sunnies alert: a UV index of 6 means it’s sunglasses o’clock!

Tonight: Cloudy Nights, Starry Dreams

The evening promises more cloud cover with the skies still debating whether to sprinkle some showers – a 30% chance. So, if you’re making those nighttime plans, maybe carry an umbrella… or don’t? It’s a roll of the dice with a comfy low of 12°C.

Tuesday, August 8: Thunderstruck? Maybe!

Tuesday starts off in an overcast mood. But, as the day progresses, keep your ears tuned – there’s a 40% chance of some late morning and afternoon showers with a potential drumroll of thunder! And hey, for our kite enthusiasts, the wind is turning up the volume, becoming west at 20 km/h in the late afternoon. Riding the temperature train, it’s another 25°C day with a feels-like of 27°C, thanks to our friend, Mr. Humidex. As for the UV? Moderate at 5. So, you can slightly turn down the sunglass swag.

Looking forward to Wednesday’s Tease:

Sioux Lookout, will Wednesday bring more of these cloudy riddles or clear answers from the skies? Find out in tomorrow’s fun forecast!

Shoutout to Our Future NewsHawks!

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