Kenora’s Cloudy Conundrum: Sun, Showers or… Both?

Float Plane - Lake of the Woods in Kenora
Float Plane - Lake of the Woods in Kenora

Oh sun, why must you play hide and seek with the clouds?

Today: The Teasing Sun!

Wake up, Kenora! Your day starts with our favourite ball of fire in the sky, but don’t get too comfortable. That sunny morning is pulling a quick one on us by calling in some clouds! By late afternoon, there’s a cheeky 30% chance of showers. So, it might just drizzle or perhaps just… fizzle. The wind? It’s catching up, becoming northwest at 20 km/h as the morning wanes. Thermometer’s predicting a 25°C day, but with Mr. Humidex acting up, it might feel like 27°C. Oh, and don’t forget those shades! The UV index is lounging at a strong 6.

Tonight: The Cloudy Waltz Continues

Expect a cloudy ensemble as night falls, with a slim 30% chance of those sky droplets making a cameo. But don’t fret! The skies plan on doing some late-night cleaning, clearing up as we head into the wee hours. Temperature-wise? A cozy blanket of 15°C is expected. Perfect for stargazing!

Tuesday, August 8: Deja Vu, Kenora!

Just when you thought the clouds had enough, they’re back early in the morning. As the day unfolds, there’s a 40% encore of morning and afternoon showers, possibly even a thunderous applause by Mr. Thunder himself. And yes, the winds are jumping on the bandwagon, swinging westward at 20 km/h by late afternoon. Highs of 26°C are on the horizon, with the Humidex making it feel a tad toastier at 29°C. The UV? Still flexing at 6!

Sneak Peek for the Curious:

Hey Kenora, what’s in store for Wednesday? More clouds? Sunny spells? Or perhaps a surprise visit from a rainbow? Stay tuned!

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