Hounder Digital Design and Development Gives Back to Tech With Their Game-changing Publication, “The Dog Bowl” Blog


Looking to dig into some awesome insights into the software service industry? Hounder, a dynamic tech company founded by Joshua Northcott and Justin Hough, is leading the pack when it comes to sharing valuable expertise on the web.

Hounder’s blog, “The Dog Bowl,” is where the Hounder team unleashes their knowledge and experience, giving readers an inside scoop on the industry. With their engaging writing styles and in-depth expertise, Hounder is on a mission to help the tech community work smarter, better, and faster – not necessarily in that order.

After seven years of hard work, Hounder has built strong relationships with long-standing clientele and is scaling faster than ever. Working with companies like UL, Adobe, Esri, San Bernardino County, the City of Los Angeles, and many more, the Hounder team leverages the experiences and insights gained from these projects, turning them into blogs that might help other professionals navigate the tech industry’s complex labyrinth of coding bugs and marketing problems.

On the blog, the team posts about the recent software updates in the market and why people and businesses need them. They write quick tips for bug fixes and insights in digital marketing. In one blog, Joshua Northcott writes an in-depth explanation of CDP (Customer Data Platform) software, which can help clients collect and retain information about their customers and website engagement. He reminds businesses about why marketing software is essential for their companies and how it can help them scale for better profitability.

Topics such as these are emblematic of the broad spectrum of expertise Hounder offers their clients. Hounder has helped and impacted numerous industries, some of which include B2B, e-commerce, medical, non-profit, education, and government. And from time to time, Hounder also advertises its achievements on the blog. In a featured blog post, Joshua writes about how Hounder has been listed as DesignRush’s Best IT Web Design of 2023. He thanks his co-workers and team members for their hard work and collaboration, stating, “From the get-go, we knew our design for the new Everystream Analytics site was going to be something we’d be proud of for years to come.”

Starting now, Hounder is opening their virtual doors between the hours of 2-3 p.m. PST on Wednesdays to anyone who might need help with their resume, growing in their craft, adding skills, or career and business growth consulting. Sometimes just having another ear to listen and an extra pair of eyes can make a world of difference, so if you’re someone who might need help from the all-star team at Hounder, click here to contact them.

Hounder also publishes a monthly tech newsletter, which provides valuable information for techies around the world, specifically highlighting the month’s tasks and speaking to industry news.

With transparency so close to their hearts, Hounder lets their clients and the world know who works on what project and how tasks get done. If it’s not obvious from their numerous blogs, newsletter, and open doors, their YouTube web series “Off Leash” will show you exactly the kind of people Hounder are. “Off Leash” showcases the work done behind the scenes at the Hounder offices, quick tips for executing projects and tasks correctly and on time, and the fun and hijinks shared between the team.

Click here to watch Hounder’s web series, or start reading their impressively comprehensive blog.

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