Heavy Rainfall Alert for Geraldton – Longlac – Caramat

Rainfall Warning

Anticipated Impact: Sustained Downpours

Geraldton – Weather – Rainfall, expected to be heavy at times, continues in the early hours of the morning. Residents should be prepared for potential hazards related to intense rainfall.

Hazard Details: Heavy Downpours

The rainfall could reach 50 to 70 mm, resulting in heavy downpours that may lead to localized flooding in low-lying areas. Watch for possible washouts near rivers, creeks, and culverts, as these could be areas of concern.

Timeline: Early Morning Deluge

This rain event will continue through the early hours of the morning, with a slow-moving cluster of thunderstorms persistently affecting the region.

More Information and Safety Precautions:

Residents are advised to consult with their local Conservation Authority or the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry office for information concerning potential flooding. Updated information can be accessed at Ontario.ca/floods.

Heavy downpours can trigger flash floods and result in water pooling on roads. Stay alert to these risks and avoid low-lying areas prone to flooding. Please drive carefully and avoid any roads that appear to be flooded.

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