Thunder Bay Woman Miranda Starr Peunish Charged for Multiple Offences Following Series of Collisions and Fleeing Attempts

Impaired driving in 2014? One might wonder what part of
Impaired driving in 2018? One might wonder what part of "Don't Drink and Drive" is so hard to understand.

Series of Collisions and Failed Fleeing Attempts

THUNDER BAY – NEWS – On Friday morning, July 21, a woman from Thunder Bay who had been driving under the influence of alcohol was involved in two separate collisions, each time fleeing the scene. Officers eventually located the woman at her residence, exiting the severely damaged SUV she had been driving.

The accused, identified as Miranda Starr Peunish, 39, was reportedly driving her SUV westbound on Arthur Street East when she collided with a vehicle that was stopped for a red light. She subsequently fled the scene, running a red light in the process.

Peunish later failed to successfully make a right-hand turn at the intersection of Arthur Street East and Waterloo Street South, resulting in another collision. Once again, she fled the scene.

Erratic Driving and Arrest

Despite her earlier disregard for traffic lights, Peunish was later found stopped at a green light at Waterloo Street South and Victoria Avenue East for no apparent reason. She then proceeded, exhibiting erratic driving behavior.

Upon sighting the motorist in the vicinity of Red River Road and Highway 11/17, an officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop. However, Peunish evaded the officer by driving into the County Fair Plaza parking lot. For public safety reasons, the traffic stop was discontinued.

Police officers later arrived at Peunish’s residence, where they found the heavily damaged SUV and arrested Peunish, who showed clear signs of impairment.

Criminal Code Charges and Penalties

Peunish has been charged under the Criminal Code with:

  1. Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle
  2. Operation of a Motor Vehicle While Impaired
  3. Failure or Refusal to Comply with Demand
  4. Failure to Stop After Accident x 2
  5. Flight from Peace Officer

Upon conviction, these offenses can lead to significant fines, driving prohibition, and potentially imprisonment, especially in the case of repeated offenses or causing bodily harm.

After being taken into custody and transported to the TBPS headquarters, Peunish was released with conditions and a scheduled future court appearance.

Tips to Avoid Impaired Driving Charges

To avoid finding oneself in such a precarious situation, it’s crucial to remember the importance of responsible drinking. Always designate a sober driver, or make use of public transportation or taxi services when planning to consume alcohol. If in doubt, stay over at a friend’s place or book a hotel room. Prevention is always better than dealing with the severe consequences of impaired driving. Remember, driving under the influence puts not only your life at risk, but also the lives of other innocent road users.

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