Armstrong and Whitesand – Ready the Sunscreen and Keep the Water Bottle Handy

Belting out classics from Bon Jovi and Journey made for a fun night in Whitesand First Nation
Belting out classics from Bon Jovi and Journey made for a fun night in Whitesand First Nation

Howdy, Whitesand and Armstrong! Today, we’ve got the sun and clouds playing a beautiful duet. It’s the kind of day that’s perfect for cloud watching – or sunbathing if you’re brave. But remember, even though the clouds are out and about, the sun is still beaming down with a UV index of 6. So, sunscreen is your best buddy today!

With highs soaring up to a delightful 26 degrees, it’s a splendid day to explore the great outdoors, or perhaps just your backyard.

Tonight: The Grand Unveiling – Low 8

As we roll into the evening, the skies are set to clear up, as if the stars demanded an unobstructed view. Expect the clouds to shuffle off stage late in the evening. It’ll be a great chance to take out those telescopes or simply enjoy a tranquil night under the starlit canvas. With a low of 8 degrees, it’s the perfect setting for a cosy evening huddle around the campfire.

Tue, 25 Jul: The Sun Takes Center Stage – High 27

And for tomorrow? It’s all sun, all day, folks! The sun is set to blaze down in all its glory, making the temperature dance up to a marvellous 27 degrees. Sounds like the perfect day for a sun hat fashion show!

Tomorrow Night: Stay Tuned…

What does tomorrow night hold, you wonder? For that, you’ll need to check in tomorrow. But here’s a hint: It might be a good time to practice your night photography skills…

Speaking of which, we would love to feature your weather-related photos on our reports. So whether it’s the sun peeking from behind the clouds, a gorgeous starry night, or anything in between, do share them with us. Please send your snaps to

Until then, keep your sunscreen close and your camera closer, Whitesand and Armstrong! Stay tuned for more weather updates.

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