Wasaho Cree Nation: Meteorological Melodrama – Cloudy with a Shower Roulette – High 19

Fort Severn Airport

Greetings, Wasaho Cree Nation! We’ve got a bit of a meteorological melodrama unfolding today. Mainly cloudy skies will be setting the scene, and we’ve got a 70% chance of showers that’ll turn into a 30% chance this morning. Just when you thought you could put the umbrella away, the odds are ramping up to 70% again this afternoon. That’s right, folks – it’s a real weather roller coaster!

Plus, there’s a robust northwest wind gusting up to 50 km/h. So hold onto your hats, or they might take a trip of their own. With a high of 19 degrees and a UV index of 5, you’ve got yourself a moderately adventurous day.

Tonight: Partly Cloudy with a Sprinkling of Showers – Low 11

The clouds will be playing peek-a-boo tonight, as we enter a partly cloudy evening. The shower roulette continues with a 70% chance dropping to a 30% chance as the evening progresses. As for our gusty friend the wind, it’ll calm down from a brisk 20 km/h to a gentle breeze. Expect a comfy low of 11, perfect for some evening porch sitting.

Mon, 24 Jul: Clouds, Showers, and a Thunderous Surprise – High 21

Buckle up for another day of cloud cover and shower roulette tomorrow, Wasaho Cree Nation! We’re kicking off with a 30% chance of showers, ramping up to 70% by the afternoon. But wait, there’s more: we’ve got an exciting risk of a thunderstorm in the afternoon. Get ready for some sky percussion!

A west wind will gust up to 40 km/h in the morning before calming down by the afternoon. With a high of 21 degrees and a UV index of 5, it’s another day to watch the skies and enjoy the show.

Tomorrow Night: Stay Tuned…

What surprises does Mother Nature have up her sleeve for tomorrow night? Will we have clear skies or another round of shower roulette? Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s forecast to find out! Until then, keep your rain boots handy and your spirits high, Wasaho Cree Nation!

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