Sioux Lookout! Mainly Cloudy with a Sprinkle of Showers – High 23

Sioux Lookout is welcoming efforts by the Ontario Government in helping Indigenous people

Hello there, Sioux Lookout! Today’s weather is serving up a hearty dish of cloud cover with a 30% chance of a rain garnish this morning. But fret not, these aren’t tears of sadness, just Mother Nature’s version of a sprinkler system. With a high of 23 and a humidex of 25, it’s like a trip to a lukewarm sauna.

Don’t let the clouds fool you, though. Our undercover sun has a UV index of 6, which is quite high. So, don’t skimp on that sunscreen!

Tonight: A Starry Clear Out – Low 10

As the day bids us adieu, the clouds are packing up their bags and leaving us with a clear night. Low temperatures will be a crisp 10 degrees, a great time for some stargazing or a moonlit walk. So, pull out those comfy sweaters and enjoy the night!

Mon, 24 Jul: Here Comes the Sun – High 26

And what’s that on the horizon for tomorrow? That’s right, folks! The sun will be in full force, wearing its finest sunny smile. With a high of 26 degrees, it’ll feel like a toasty summer day. But remember, with a UV index of 7, this sun isn’t messing around. So, arm yourself with sun hats, sunglasses, and your trusted sunscreen!

Tomorrow Night: To be Unveiled…

What mysteries will tomorrow night bring? A cool breeze or a sky full of stars? You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out! Until then, keep those sun hats handy and your spirits high, Sioux Lookout!

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