Thunder Bay – Cloudy with a Chance of… Showers? – High 22

The Perfect Pizza
The Perfect Pizza

Hello, Thunder Bay! Today’s weather is like a perfect sandwich, a mix of sun and cloud with a chance of a little watery dressing. It’s set to become cloudy near noon with a 40% chance of showers this afternoon. It’s like the sky’s own version of afternoon tea, just with rain instead of tea.

Fort William Historical Park is Countrying out today for the final day of Country by the Bay presented by our friends at Country 105 – check it out.

Highs are going to reach a pleasant 22 degrees, but with a humidex of 28, it’ll feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. Except, instead of palm trees, we have pines.

The sun, playing peekaboo among the clouds, still manages to pull off a UV index of 6, so don’t forget to put on some sunscreen. The sun might be hiding, but it can still see you!

Tonight: The Clouds’ Night Out – Low 13

Come evening, the clouds will take centre stage. There’s a 40% chance of early evening showers – the sky’s own version of a nightcap, you could say. With a low of 13, it’s the perfect weather for cozying up with a warm mug of something delightful.

Mon, 24 Jul: A Sunny-Cloudy Cocktail – High 26

As for tomorrow, it looks like it’s going to be another mixed bag of sun and clouds. Highs will be a toasty 26 degrees, but with a humidex of 31, it’s going to feel like a summer sauna. Just without the actual sauna part.

With a UV index of 7, that shy sun still means business. So hats on, shades on, sunscreen on!

Tomorrow Night: The Big Reveal…

What’s the forecast for tomorrow night, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to check back tomorrow! Until then, stay cool, stay sun-safe, and keep your eyes on the skies, Thunder Bay!

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