Fort Frances – Sun, Smoke, a Side Order of Breeze

Weather Outlook Two Geese

Good day, Fort Frances! Today, our dear friend the sun is putting on a grand show, only slightly obscured by some local smoke. Maybe it’s time for those dragons in the neighbourhood to switch to vaping, eh?

Along with the sun-smoke duo, we’ve got the northwest wind strutting in late this morning at a comfortable 20 km/h. With a high of 26 and a humidex of 28, it’s the perfect weather for some ice cream. Or two.

Don’t be fooled by the smoke, though. The sun’s UV index is playing at 7, which is quite high. So, whip out that sunscreen and slap it on generously!

Tonight: A Partly Cloudy Smoke-out – Low 12

As we transition into the evening, the skies will be partly cloudy, almost as if they’re undecided about whether to cover up or let the stars shine. Our smokey companion is sticking around, creating an atmosphere that’s slightly mysterious, slightly movie-esque. With a low of 12 degrees, it’s an ideal setting for some evening porch time.

Mon, 24 Jul: Sunshine in Full Swing – High 27

What’s on the menu for tomorrow, you ask? It’s a full plate of sunshine, folks! With a high of 27 and a humidex of 30, we’re looking at a great day to head to the beach or take a leisurely stroll.

Just remember, the sun’s UV index is still at a high 7. So, let’s be sun smart and protect our skin with hats, sunglasses, and our ever-faithful sunscreen!

Tomorrow Night: It’s a Surprise…

What will the stars foretell for tomorrow night? A clear sky or a cloudy cover? You’ll have to check back in tomorrow for the answer! Until then, keep your sunscreen nearby and your spirits soaring, Fort Frances!

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