Wasaho Cree Nation: Keeping Things Cool, Cloudy and a Chance of Foggy Spectacles!

Enroute to Fort Severn Airport
Enroute to Fort Severn Airport

Howdy Wasaho Cree Nation! Today, we have a mixed bag of weather tricks lined up, from overzealous clouds to foggy spectacles.

Today: Cloudy with a Chance of Showers – And Fog! High of 8

Our day begins with an orchestra of clouds, playing their tune across the sky, while the fog prepares for its morning performance. These are not just any fog patches, these are disappearing act fog patches, so don’t be surprised if your neighbour’s house plays hide and seek! The wind, not to be left out, is also pitching in from the north at 20 km/h. Despite all the theatrics, the temperature is keeping it cool and mellow with a high of 8 degrees.

UV Index Dips to a Low 2 – The Sun is on Vacation!

The sun has decided to extend its vacation, meaning our UV index is staying at a comfortable low of 2. It’s an excellent day to forget about sunscreen and enjoy the natural light show.

Tonight: Still Cloudy and Showers or Drizzle Possible – Low of 5

As the curtain falls, the clouds are refusing to exit the stage. There’s a 30 percent chance they’ll either shower us with affection or gently drizzle down some love. The fog patches might make a cameo appearance, so keep an eye out! The wind, after a hard day’s work, will take it slow near midnight, and our low temperature for the night will be a crisp 5 degrees.

There you have it, Wasaho Cree Nation! Your day is all set to be a celebration of clouds, fog, and just a smidge of rain. Don’t forget your umbrella, and maybe a warm cup of cocoa would be in order! Enjoy your day, come rain or shine!

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