Big Trout Lake: Clouds Go Fishing for a Chance of Showers!

KI Celebrated the Grand Opening of their new Education Centre on Wednesday
KI Celebrated the Grand Opening of their new Education Centre on Wednesday

Greetings, Big Trout Lake! It seems our sky is planning to put on a show of fluffy clouds with a sprinkle of rain.

Today: A Bout of Clouds and Sprinkles in the Afternoon – High of 12

The curtain rises to a grand display of clouds that seem to be set on sticking around. As we move into the afternoon, there is a 40 percent chance they may get emotional and shed a few drops of rain. The wind, seemingly sympathetic to our cloudy friends, will be whistling from the north at 20 km/h in the afternoon. The temperature will make a modest climb to 12 degrees.

UV Index at a Low 2: The Sun is Playing Hide and Seek

Folks who prefer the shade, rejoice! Today’s UV index is a low 2, perfect for those who want to give their sunscreen a day off. It seems the sun is playing a game of hide and seek with us behind the clouds.

Tonight: The Clouds Continue Their Stay – Low of 10

As night falls, the clouds are not quite ready to leave the party just yet. There’s a 40 percent chance they’ll continue their tearful performance, so keep your rain boots close. The winds, after a day of making their presence felt, will decide to take it easy in the evening. Temperatures will cool off to a comfortable 10 degrees.

In short, Big Trout Lake, prepare for a day of playful winds, dramatic clouds, and a possible light shower. As we always say, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather! Stay dry and enjoy your day!

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