Preserving Fair Play and Discipline – Matthew R. Eason’s Impact as a Rugby Judicial Officer


Rugby Judicial Officers play an important role in preserving the sport’s integrity and following its laws and regulations. Their duties, functions, and responsibilities include various critical activities contributing to rugby fair play and disciplinary actions. One of the key roles of a rugby judicial officer is to verify that players follow the predetermined game regulations. As judicial officers, the adjudicators act as objective and unbiased decision-makers in disciplinary proceedings. The officers preside over disciplinary hearings and appeals after acquiring the relevant facts. During these processes, they listen to both sides’ arguments, evaluate the evidence, and eventually decide on suitable punishments or penalties. The process necessitates a thorough awareness of the rules and regulations established by regulating organizations such as World Rugby and USA Rugby.

Rugby Judicial Officers, like Matthew R. Eason, are crucial in preserving consistency and uniformity in the execution of disciplinary actions. As a rugby judicial officer, Eason educates and instructs players, coaches, and officials on proper behavior and fair play. They may provide disciplinary advice, emphasizing the necessity of respect for opponents, referees, and the game’s integrity. The tasks and activities of rugby judicial officers like Matthew R. Eason center around ensuring that all players in the sport are treated fairly and equally. They serve to provide a fair playing field and defend rugby ideals by preserving game principles and implementing disciplinary procedures.

Matthew R. Eason, an attorney and rugby judiciary officer, has contributed to the rugby world as a judiciary officer. Using his law education, Eason acts as a World Rugby Judicial Officer, ruling over player conduct problems in various rugby tournaments, including the professional league in the United States and international matches. Matthew R. Eason, born in Texas and raised by a single mother, learned the importance of hard work and education at a young age. While attending college and law school, Eason developed an enthusiasm and passion for rugby. He also worked as an exotic animal trainer, managing elephants at Marine World Africa in the United States. Eason’s hard work paid off as he graduated from the University of the Pacific – McGeorge School of Law in the top 4% of his class. His teachers honored him by inducting him into the Traynor Honor Society for his extraordinary written and vocal persuasion abilities.

Eason’s legal career took off in Sacramento, where he founded Eason & Tambornini, a law corporation, earning a reputation for his legal talents and dedication to his clients. As a rugby judicial officer, Eason has played an important part in enforcing the sport’s laws and regulations. Eason is a neutral and objective decision-maker in disciplinary proceedings for several rugby organizations, including World Rugby, USA Rugby, and Major League Rugby. He presides over hearings and appeals, safeguarding the game’s integrity and fair play.

Aside from his responsibilities as a rugby judicial officer, Eason has made major contributions to the sport’s growth and development. His time with USA Rugby as a referee instructor and administrator stretched over 16 years. During this period, he gave advice and assistance to referees, helping to enhance officiating standards in the United States. Eason’s significant experience as a player and referee led to his appointment as an International Rugby Board (IRB) Judicial Officer, where he oversees disciplinary concerns in international test matches.

Eason’s commitment to rugby extends to his coaching efforts as well. As one of Land Park Rugby’s founding coaches, he has successfully established it into one of California’s most prestigious junior rugby programs. Eason’s coaching style, which emphasizes respect for the game, has produced players who have gone on to head high school and college teams. He implies that one of his most enjoyable rugby experiences is serving as the Kangaroo Court Prosecutor during the inaugural Motley tour of San Diego.

In 2013, Eason was named the USA Rugby Referee Coach Manager in honor of his accomplishments. This position enabled him to use his extensive expertise as a player, referee, and legal professional to help determine the future of referee coaching in the United States. Eason’s objective was to create a bigger pool of referee coaches, provide avenues for their advancement, and nurture top-level referees to serve the game nationally and internationally.

Matthew R. Eason represents the junction of law and rugby through his diverse career, bringing his legal skills to the sport as a rugby judicial officer. His dedication to justice, ethics, and rugby growth has garnered him respect in the legal and rugby worlds. Eason’s unrelenting devotion and enthusiasm serve as an example to aspiring rugby officials and legal professionals alike as he continues to make an everlasting impression on the sport.

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