ITQAN – Helping Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Companies Establish and Promote their Business


An individual who undertakes the challenge and uncertainty of beginning a new firm is known as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs not only launch their own companies but also work to grow and expand such businesses so that they may generate a profit. Entrepreneurs initially invest their money while taking risks to develop a business. However, they usually require additional funding to develop their firms into large-scale enterprises. However, investors do not invest in a business if the entrepreneur cannot turn a profit or does not have an effective growth plan. Entrepreneurs and investors must have a solid strategy for business survival and growth. They should also know the phases of establishing, operating, and promoting their businesses in various regions. Setting up a business is not as easy as it seems because it involves numerous legal, commercial, and regulatory complexities. This is where business setup and consultancy companies play a role in helping individuals and companies establish their presence in particular regions.

Business setup and consultancy companies help entrepreneurs and investors set up their businesses in particular regions and jurisdictions by providing support and help regarding local regulations and procedures. Business setup services help new and existing companies in several phases of establishing business entities in new regions according to local laws, regulations, and commercial requirements. Such companies assist entrepreneurs and investors from the company’s formation to registration and funding to strategy development for local markets. Setup companies help local and foreign entrepreneurs, startups, and organizations establish their businesses according to local laws while assisting in dealing with local regulatory authorities. Setting up a business is a complex and complicated process for many entrepreneurs, especially in a foreign country with specific laws related to foreign entrepreneurs and entities. The ITQAN Corporation helps entrepreneurs, investors, and startups set up their businesses in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates seamlessly by offering consultancy and support.

ITQAN is a Dubai-based corporate service provider offering consultancy and advisory services to investors, startups, and entrepreneurs for establishing businesses. The company helps entrepreneurs and investors set up their companies by alleviating challenges and completing the regulatory requirements for creating a commercial entity in the United Arab Emirates. The consultancy firm helps local and foreign entrepreneurs deal with numerous government agencies and departments to set up and run companies effectively. The business consultancy firm assists investors and entrepreneurs in establishing their companies. It offers advisory and consultation regarding funding, local partnerships, business strategy, financial or banking issues, industrial operations, and business solutions. Founded in 2012 by Mohammad Hamzah Ahmed, ITQAN simplifies investing in Dubai and UAE for local and foreign entrepreneurs by offering guidance and support in each phase of business setup and operations. Mohammad Hamzah Ahmed is also the company’s CEO, spearheading advisory and consultancy services using his extensive experience and knowledge in establishing and running companies.

Starting a business is challenging when investors and entrepreneurs are unaware of regulatory requirements, laws, and other hurdles. Many companies face challenges opening regional offices and branches in particular countries or locations due to the cumbersome registration or regulatory prerequisites. However, business consultancy firms like ITQAN Corporate Services Provider help alleviate obstacles in business setup by providing consultancy and advisory services to startups and entrepreneurs. The company enables foreign and local individuals and entities to start their businesses seamlessly in Dubai and other Emirati cities by providing consultation throughout the various stages of the business setup process. The consultancy firm offers investment advice, financial planning services, and business solutions to local and international clients for starting their businesses. The business consultants at ITQAN help investors in every phase of business setup while offering assistance in fulfilling regulatory and legal requirements. ITQAN’s business consultants also assist companies with government paperwork, approval, and clearance. The company also helps foreign investors and entrepreneurs interact with local government agencies and officials.

ITQAN Corporate Service Provider is a business solutions and consultancy firm helping local and foreign investors, entrepreneurs, startups, and established firms set up their companies or regional offices in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. The consultants and experts at the company offer advice regarding the various phases of business setup while guiding investors through the commercial, legal, financial, and sociocultural aspects of running business operations in Dubai. ITQAN’s functions are not limited to business setup consultancy in the United Arab Emirates. The company offers help and assistance in acquiring funds, banking services, and developing business strategies according to local regulations, customs, and trends. ITQAN Corporate Services helps investors, entrepreneurs, and companies establish and promote their businesses in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

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