Permanent Makeup Made Accessible – Ludmila Padre Cardoso Is Helping Women Find Self-Expression through Her Medico-Aesthetic Proficiency


Physical appearance often becomes an outlet for expressing our inner values and preferences. It can embody the spirit of our personality via how we carry ourselves – the way we style our hair, the clothes we wear, and the shade of lipstick we choose to adorn on a specific day; all speak of our inclinations. Everything we display through our body becomes a statement of our confidence and trust in our beliefs, which is why styling and grooming oneself is so important. It becomes your first impression, leaving people with a subtle idea of what your personality is. 

Women often use makeup and a whole assortment of cosmetic procedures to attune their appearance to their inner selves. There are experts in the industry helping women accomplish this goal. Dermopigmentation expert, Ludmila Padre Cardoso, is one such individual who has helped countless women find self-expression through her long-lasting techniques. 

Permanent makeup or dermopigmentation is the cosmetic technique of introducing pigment to the skin as a way to neutralize dark circles, scars, stretch marks, or improve the color of lips. It is done for both medical and aesthetic reasons. Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ludmila carries all these procedures at her clinic. She has conducted over 5000 sessions in the last four years, helping hundreds of women (and men too) beautify their appearance as they want. 

Ludmila got the idea for this venture when she experienced its transformative effects herself. Before 2019, she worked in the investment industry. Her corporate lifestyle was unsatisfactory, having a detrimental effect on the quality of her life. She started to consider a career transition for a more fulfilling and wholesome life. A chance visit for an eyebrow micropigmentation session proved to be the turning point. Ludmila discovered the positive effects of the technique on her self-esteem, making her more confident in herself. It made her look more put-together without the daily hassle of applying fresh makeup. She wanted to impart the same feeling to other women. Thus, she took a course from a micro-pigmentator and started Studio Le Maquillage. 

The business quickly grew to be a top choice for pigmentation-related procedures in Brazil owing to the fact that Ludmila is one of the few skilled dermo-pigmentator who can perform the procedures with definite desired results. It was not just Brazilian women finding confidence in their self-expression through Ludmila’s studio – women from the USA, India, Belgium, and other countries, visited the vibrant city of Rio to utilize her expertise as well. 

Ludmila was able to create a safe space for transformation. Her processes enable women to get long-lasting results to alter their physical appearance as they want, providing room for practicing their bodily autonomy and free expression of the way they want to look like. Given her professional prowess and desire to help improve the lives of her clients, we are sure that her venture will grow exponentially in the future. 

Intrigued for more? Click here to learn more about the procedures carried out in her studio. 

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