MBC host gets invited to a renowned event by Campari: The Cannes film festival 2023


Sofia Saidi had the pleasure of accompanying one of the most prestigious events in the city; The Cannes film festival 2023. It was an honour for her to be invited, and she was enthusiastic to be a part of such a prominent congregation. The event was held in Cannes France itself, The red carpet was rolled out, and photographers were snapping away at the guests as they made their way inside and among them was Sofia Saidi, who stole the limelight of the entire event with her grace and magnificence and not to mention with the craftsmanship of her ensembles as well.

Sofia Saidi’s career not only comprises being an entrepreneur and Instagram influencer but she is well known for hosting the trending MBC show and she is a  well illustrious Moroccan and French TV presenter. She is among the few from the TV industry who were invited to the fest and being invited to such an event is an honour in itself because the prominent stars across the globe accompany their sight and her look added an extra magnetism to the occasion.

Attending this renowned event was an incredible experience for Sofia Saidi and she will cherish it for years to come. From the beautiful venue to the talented performers to the impeccable organization, everything was truly top-notch. She feels honoured to have been a part of it because not everybody gets invited to such an enormous event that it is.

And undoubtedly Cannes 2023 red carpet came alive with an ethereal sheen as Moroccan beauty diva Sofia Saidi graced the event in a breathtaking fashion ensemble and she looked every bit of a star in this occurrence. Even at the most spellbinding of events, Sofia Saidi has constantly been relatable.

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