“IIC Career Accelerator Program” – Professional Career Growth Expert Lola Adeyemo’s Way of Smoothing the Corporate Transition for Immigrants


    Leaving your home country and transitioning to a new workplace can be an emotionally challenging process. With language barriers, cultural differences, and limited employment options, immigrants face unique challenges fitting into the industry. To tackle this difficult situation, one of the top career coaches in the U.S. Lola Adeyemo, has put forward a bold initiative to help immigrants make a smoother transition into their new corporate lives.

    Lola is a career counselor and an immigrant herself, hailing from Nigeria. She has over 13 years of experience working in Fortune 250 STEM companies as a scientist, supply chain expert, integration project manager, and non-profit board member. Her wealth of corporate experience gives her the insight needed to guide immigrants through their job search process successfully.

    Lola is the founder of EQIMindset, a consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations build diverse and inclusive workplaces. Her passion lies in connecting ERG leaders, corporate teams, and DEI professionals to create a culture of inclusion at work.

    These days, Lola is making waves in the corporate world through her work with Immigrant In Corporate (IIC). IIC is a non-profit organization and a digital platform for immigrants to network and connect with industry professionals, workshops, resources, events, and more.

    “I started Immigrants in Corporate Inc. (IIC) because, as I began to work with corporate groups and communities, as an immigrant myself, I recognized there was an immigrant inclusion gap in corporate America,” said Lola, discussing her intention behind IIC.

    In addition to using her platform, Lola plans to further her goal by assisting immigrants with a smooth transition into the corporate world through her all-encompassing Career Accelerator Program.

    The IIC Career Accelerator Program is an innovative way of smoothing the professional journey for many immigrant professionals. The goal behind this initiative is to provide immigrants with the right kind of advice and guidance to help them succeed in their field. Participants in this program will have access to personalized career coaching and receive some fantastic information about the corporate culture of their new workplace.

    The program will also allow immigrants to interact and network with professionals from various fields like technology, finance, marketing, engineering, sales, etc. Lola believes that this initiative will help address the need for communities at work that we all seek.

    The program is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2023. However, the exact launch date is yet to be decided.

    Lola Adeyemo is on a mission to offer immigrants the tools needed to succeed in their new environment, no matter where they come from and their industry and roles. Through her professional mastery and accelerator programs, Lola hopes to empower more immigrants to make a successful transition into corporate and build successful careers.

    To learn more about the IIC Career Accelerator Program and get in community with other immigrant professionals for regular career tips, follow Lola’s Facebook group, Immigrants in Corporate.


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