Ontario Provincial Police Launches Operation Return to Address Bail Reform Needs

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Provincial Initiative Targets Safe Apprehension of Wanted Individuals in North West Region

Thunder Bay – NEWS – “The primary goal of Operation Return is to safeguard the ongoing safety and security of the citizens not only in the North West Region but throughout Ontario. This initiative directly aligns with the OPP’s vision of safe communities and a secure Ontario,” states  Detective Inspector Noel Berlinquette, Manager, Crime Prevention and Investigations.

Recognizing the pressing need for bail reform at both provincial and national levels, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) North West Region Intelligence Unit (NWRIU) has initiated Operation Return, a comprehensive regional intelligence effort. The operation aims to ensure the secure apprehension of wanted individuals currently residing in communities across the North West Region. The arrest warrants encompass charges ranging from violent offenses to drug-related crimes, property offenses, and bail violations.

Operation Return stands as a collaborative and cooperative endeavor led by NWRIU, receiving support from dedicated frontline OPP members, the Regional Support Team (RST), Emergency Response Team (ERT), Community Street Crimes Unit (CSCU), and the North West Region Crime Unit.

As a result of this operation, a total of 63 individuals have been arrested thus far through warrant executions in Greenstone (16), Marathon (6), and Fort Frances (Rainy River District) (41).

Operation Return will continue its efforts across all communities in the North West Region, with an unwavering focus on ensuring public safety.

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