How To watch Rough and Rowdy 21 Live Online

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    How To watch Rough and Rowdy 21 Live Online

    One of the most entertaining events in the calendar year as the Rough N’ Rowdy 21 is back with its insane and unpredictable action on Friday, May 12, 2023, at Mountain Health Arena, Huntington, West Virginia.

    Rough and Rowdy 21 TV Channel

    Venue: Mountain Health Arena, Huntington, West Virginia.

    Date: Friday, May 12, 2023

    Start Time: 8:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm PST

    TV Channel: OolaTV (anywhere)

    This year, Vicious Vicky D is scheduled to make her return and fight the Boxing Barbie as she defends her Women’s Lightweight belt. In another fight, Hot Wheelz and Wild Child will take on each other to fight Cherry Bomb in August for her Women’s Middleweight belt.

    Moreover, West Virginia hillbillies will also be seen fighting for the first time and be ring-girl chaos all over the ring. Ultimately, Shizzat Da Rizzat and American Ninja will fight in the main event for the first-ever Lightweight Title retirement match. Both have a huge fan following, and only one will survive.

    Rough and Rowdy 21 Live Stream Free Online TV Channel

    FITE will be the exclusive broadcaster of THE NINJA vs SHIZZAT DA RIZZAT Online. All of Round the Fight will be covered by the network, with OolaTV joining in for the Rough and Rowdy 21 Live Free on Saturday. The action will be broadcast Via on OolaTV.

    Fight Preview:

    Founded by Christopher MacCorkle Smith in 1966, the Rough N Rowdy Brawl is an amateur fighting event that has gained much popularity recently due to its backyard-style fighting. Fighters from around the Tri-State will be participating to duke it out in the boxing event. Rough N Rowdy provides very unexpected and unprecedented action, which makes it so appealing.

    On a night of pure unadulterated violence & absolute chaos where the absurdity of the action is also unparalleled, twenty no-headgear fights are lined-up, including two title belt brawls; headlined by the Shizzat vs Ninja Loser Retires fight.

    It’s worth mentioning that all the fights will have 3 rounds, with a length of one minute each. Some fights do go till the third round, but most of them are over in the first or second round,

    A major reason behind the event’s popularity is that anyone can compete in this fighting event by meeting the eligibility criteria. First of all, participants must be at least 18 years old and must have won not more than two titles in the organization. Moreover, they’ll have to pass a pre-event physical and be an amateur with not more than six titles in various fighting styles.

    Adding more fun to the event, there will be a non-stop funny commentary from Dave El Pres Portnoy, Dan Big Cat Katz, Caleb Caleb Pressley, Robbie Octagon, Bob Fox, and Adam Rone Ferrone.

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