PGE Rentals: easy and convenient truck rent in North America

    Cartoon delivery truck on road - deposit
    Cartoon delivery truck on road - deposit

    Truck rental is a simple way to use a medium or heavy-duty vehicle for your commercial or construction project. You obtain the truck you need, finish the task, and return it to the provider—no need to invest in buying one and maintaining it. And trucks prove to be necessary for a vast variety of situations, such as:

    • Hole digging, pole setting, cable placing, and other operations for network construction;
    • Municipal maintenance and repairments; damage control after bad weather and natural disasters;
    • Transportation of supplies and commodities;
    • Operating at high and mostly inaccessible locations;
    • Managing materials carried by railroad car wagons;
    • Lifting, relocating, and removing bulky objects;
    • Dumping bulk solids, etc.

    Another reason why the services of a truck rent provider are very in-demand is the diversity of potential clients. Private individuals who organize construction by themselves, independent contractors, municipal and railroad establishments, and trading or delivery companies—all of them can require a vehicle now and then. Demand creates supply, and the best supplier in North America is PGE Rentals.

    PGE rental vehicle fleet

    Contracting PGE Rentals can help you move further on any ongoing project. Their truck park is quite versatile, so they will pick up the most suitable vehicle for your current goal. You can rent on- and off-rail rigs, such as:

    • Dump trucks;
    • Flatbed trucks;
    • Platform trucks;
    • Knuckle boom trucks;
    • Grapple trucks;
    • Rotary dump trucks;
    • Bucket trucks;
    • Digger derrick trucks;
    • Cable placers.

    If you need a more specific piece of equipment, for example, an excavator, you can rely on PGE, too.

    High work ethics and quality standards

    Another reason to choose PGE Rentals is their approach to operation. Firstly, the company is woman-owned and supports gender equality and sustainable economic development. Secondly, they focus hard on being timely, attentive, and fulfilling all the needs of their clients. Some might say that it is a rational strategy for a small contractor that is working for reputation but for the customer, the priority is the result, not the provider’s motivation. And a thing about small contractors—they are never too busy for you. PGE Rentals’ physical location is in Bristol, PA, but they extend their services to all of North America. Contacting them is simple: you can give them a phone call, or you can submit a contact form at their website and they will get in touch with you. So, if you ever need a hand with trucks and other heavy industrial equipment, consider choosing PGE Rentals as your contractor. Their fleet is suitable for any project, from forestry works to roofing replacement or renovating the power grid. Add reasonable pricing, owners’ 20+ years of construction experience, and dedication to be of assistance shared by every staff member

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