Essential Protection Accessories For Every Car Owner in 2020

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Congratulations! You’re a car owner. However, there’s something every seasoned car owner knows and every new car owner learns eventually -your car needs constant protection. A car is not a buy-and-forget purchase. Although investing in some essential accessories can delay the frequency of your car’s check-up time. Taking the effort to understand some protective accessories can help you anticipate and prevent gradual damages long-term.

To help you shift gears into protective car care, we have a list of recommendations that will help you cruise smoothly for miles without stopping.

1) Car Cover 

Did you know your car’s paint is only about 0.006 inches thick? If dust settles on your paint, it turns abrasive over time and causes minute scratches. It may be too late before you notice its irreversible effect. Other effects come from environmental conditions like heat, snow, dust, rain, etc.

Car cover shields your vehicle from the changing effects of the temperature, weather conditions, and any unfavourable surroundings. It prevents dust from settling on your paint. Covering your car also acts as a deterrent to thieves as it increases break-in time and makes it a tougher prey compared to uncovered cars. 

To get the most out of this protective accessory, go for a custom car cover. They are specially designed and provide custom car cover’s extra benefits. 

2) Front-end Mask

A front-end mask is much like a human mask—it keeps everything that is harmful away from entering and damaging the system. Front end masks, also known as car bras, act as a barrier protecting your car from damaging items like flying gravel, bugs, precipitation, and debris. 

Protection from these items also keeps your headlights bright and gives you better vision at night. 

Front-end masks also add aesthetic value to the overall look of your car, and since the mask keeps the nose of the car intact, resale value is also protected. 

3) Bumper Cover

Bumpers help absorb the shock of a collision. This not only protects the passengers inside the vehicle, but it protects the individual parts of the vehicle, such as the grille, fender, taillights, and headlights. 

Bumper covers reinforce the safety of the bumper. It works to strengthen the shock absorbency and protective features of the bumper. The bumper cover also adds aesthetic value by dressing up the bumper, making the front and back of the vehicle appear more finished and sleek. 

4) Mud Flaps

Being on road means your tires are in constant contact with road debris which is potentially damaging like mud, thick tar, gravel, broken glass, trash, etc. The fender wells contain these elements, but since they do not extend down behind the tires, debris can still reach and damage your vehicle.

Mud Flaps serve an additional barrier between the wheel well and the tire. They protect your vehicle by safely deflecting road debris away from the fender wells. It also protects the paint around your fender from chipping, which prevents potential rust from forming and adhering to the bare steel.  

5) License Plate Bracket

A license plate is an essential component for every active car, but most license plates are very thin and malleable. Almost anything will bend them. Even the local car wash, for example, can bend your front plate. 

License plate brackets are secure containers for your license plate. These containers are corrosion- and rust-resistant. Many plate frames are made from chrome, which makes them easily visible at night. Also, maintenance is simple as they don’t accumulate dirt easily and therefore don’t need regular washing. 

License plate installation is straightforward and you can install one yourself without prior experience. They come with simple instructions with plenty of tutorials available on the internet.


Armouring your car with protective accessories saves you time and money in the long-run. All the above-listed items are a must-have, and choosing quality products plays a vital role in prolonged protection. If you are browsing for quality accessories, make sure you check out the high quality discounted accessories from PartsGeek to protect your wallet along with your car.

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