Food Is a Pure Form of Love – Discover Francesca D’Amico’s Journey from a Culinary Expert to a Holistic Life and Love Coach


    How often have we heard the phrase “food for the soul”? Food is not just a physical necessity; it is also linked to our emotional and mental well-being. Francesca D’Amico has a deep understanding of this connection, which she has used to transform herself into a motivating holistic coach. She started her journey as a culinary expert in 2015 in London, and now she is supporting people to strengthen their mental, emotional, and physical health through her podcast, Wellness & Wonder.

    D’Amico, originally from Italy, is not your average woman – her journey demonstrates that she is an all-rounder. After earning her degree in Art Restoration from Brera University in Milan, she decided to pursue a career in culinary art. This was powered by her passion for creating things that were more in tune with her nature as an artist. “I believe that food is a pure form of love and art, the chemistry and the combination of ingredients that awaken the palate, the smell that makes us rediscover moments linked to our memory, makes me feel the magic of the moment,” shares D’Amico.

    After gaining experience in the best kitchens of London, she came up with the idea for her own catering venture, Gattopardesca Francesca’s Kitchen, for her private clientele in London. This venture was a great hit, but D’Amico’s desire to create something original was much bigger than this. Soon after excelling in the culinary field, she expanded this connection between herself and her guests and launched an event management company to promote talents in the culinary, musical, and artistic fields. These events, dubbed FAM, used to be conducted throughout Europe. However, it didn’t last for long.

    D’Amico shut down the business shortly before COVID because it no longer served its original purpose. “Since the magic that happened was turning into a party like many others, where people get drunk and stay until 6 a.m. out of boredom, I decided to end it on paper, leaving only the vision for others to show them what could be done at a get-together meant for love and connection,” shares D’Amico.

    It wasn’t until COVID that she decided to reinvent herself, motivated by her desire to help others and share her gift for pure manifestation and self-awareness. After taking online life coaching courses, D’Amico launched her first podcast, Wellness & Wonders, devoted to life’s finer tunes and fluent pathways.

    Podcasts have taken up quite the role in D’Amico’s journey of sharing wisdom and has provided people from all walks of life to have the opportunity to connect with her from anywhere in the world. So far she has done thought provoking collaborations with amazing coaches such as Sandy, Glenn & Rossano.

    Thanks to the power of these voices, D’Amico has brough together, listeners can dive deep into the art of experiencing life for what it truly is – an internal journey towards self-discovery, self-awareness and vitality. She is passionate about helping people understand how to enjoy life to the fullest and take charge of their own story. To give them a little leg up to seek internal awareness and find the energy that agrees with them and allows them to find purpose.

    During this journey, she came across many doctors and life coaches who inspired her to pursue hypnotherapy, which eventually enabled her to combine her passion for food with hypnosis. Thus, she found the best of both worlds. Today, D’Amico is known for her holistic lifestyle lessons and delicious recipes that leave delirious effects on the eater. Nevertheless, she is a role model in this field because of her ability to inspire others.

    Why sharing wisdom online? Francesca asks a simple question: Are you tired of living life for others and seeking external validation? It’s time to tap into the internal awareness and vital energy within you. Francesca’s podcasts in collaborations with amazing coaches Sandy, Glenn & Rossano, guides you on a journey to understanding how to truly enjoy life and become the protagonist of your own story. By sharing experiences online, she wants to inspire you all for what is possible in your life. She believes that while connecting online may be easy, finding clarity and purpose within yourself is the true key to living a fulfilling life. Thanks to the power of the voice, Francesca has put together the coaches she admires the most to take a deep dive into the art of experiencing life for what it truly is – an internal journey towards self-awareness and vitality.

    D’amico is a big believer of the faith that true enjoyment of life comes from within, not from external validation. In a world where digital connections are ubiquitous and oblivious as nothing it is as it seems it’s easy to overlook the importance of finding clarity within ourselves.

    Through their conversations, they aim to provide you with the tools and insights to become the protagonist of your own life, to find clarity within yourself along relationship matters, and approach life with a new and refreshing perspective.

    The hosts will take you on a fascinating exploration of your inner self, helping you discover vital energy and awareness that you never knew existed. If you’re looking for a way to break free from the chains of external validation, this podcast is just what you need. Francesca creates spiritual experiences wherever she is as she is a master of connection to Truth & Love.

    Join them as they explore this theme in depth, sharing insights and tips on how to unlock the power of your heart and mind connection. It’s online but is going to make your life full of mgic, so you can live with depth and fun.

    Want to explore more about D’Amico? Visit her Instagram or subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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