Calisthenics Content Creator and Trainer Malcolm Akinseye Explains 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Calisthenics


    If you think social media is all about cats, memes, and other mundane stuff – think again. With platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok becoming more popular than ever, you can find plenty of inspiring content to get motivated in order to implement a lifestyle change you have always wanted. One such example is calisthenics expert and coach Malcolm Akinseye’s account, which has the power to stop you in your tracks.

    Malcolm is a 6’6″ calisthenics athlete, software developer, and content creator who has taken the internet by storm. From posting captivating videos of him doing muscle-ups to uploading motivational content, his account has quickly become the go-to source for anyone wanting to get in shape.

    Malcolm understands the struggles of starting something new. After years of lifting weights and not seeing any tangible results, he decided to try calisthenics, which completely changed his fitness approach. Since then, he has been striving to help others do the same by providing top-notch coaching, programs, and content on his various social media platforms.

    According to Malcolm, there are three main reasons for you to get on the calisthenics bandwagon:

    Build Super Strength:

    Calisthenics is a way of fitness training using the body’s weight to build strength, muscle, and flexibility. With exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, and dips, there is no need for any heavy gym equipment. This makes it perfect for anyone on a budget who needs access to weights or machines.

    Provide a Sense of Accomplishment:

    This physical training isn’t just about strength; it also involves impressive agility and athleticism. With Malcolm’s help, you can learn how to do muscle-ups, one-arm pull-ups, and other advanced movements that will help you improve your confidence and give you a greater sense of accomplishment.

    Train Anywhere:

    One of the best things about calisthenics is that you can do it anywhere. All you need is a bar and some space, and you’re good to go. This makes it perfect for fitness fanatics who travel frequently or might need access to a gym.

    Malcolm is an excellent example of how anyone can achieve their fitness goals if they are willing to put in the hard work. His inspiring story and content have helped hundreds of people worldwide get into shape mentally and physically.

    To learn more about his journey or coaching programs, visit Malk Calisthenics or follow him on Instagram,TikTok, or YouTube.


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