Michael Kreiser Is Determined Not to Let the Troubles of His past Define His Tomorrow


    Challenges and obstacles are a part of life; everyone has to face them at one point or another. It doesn’t matter how hard a person might try to avoid problems. They come along sooner or later, and the person facing them has to solve them if they wish to move on with their lives. They can choose to rise above and move past these obstacles, and hope to achieve great things by overcoming these challenges. Despite facing many challenges in his life, Michael Kreiser has not let them define who he is but has worked consistently to make a better life for himself and his family.

    Michael discovered his talent for drawing at a very young age. His parents consistently supported and encouraged him to hone his skills by enrolling him in a local art program. Despite the love and attention he received, Michael acted out on more than one occasion during his teen years, which adversely affected his studies. Despite his troubled adolescent years, he was able to graduate with the rest of his class by taking night classes and working hard.

    His best friend’s death was a pivotal moment in Michael’s life and raised many questions in his mind. He realized he was wasting his life and time and needed to work hard to make amends and not miss out on life. That led him to enroll in a community college, where he began to pursue art as a potential career. From there, he received his degree, after which he majored in New Media at Salisbury University.

    Michael faced an entirely new set of problems that came with adulthood. He began taking up oil painting commissions while working at the Olive Garden with a mountain of student loans looming over him. While he wanted to focus solely on his art, he had other responsibilities. Michael wasn’t able to make enough money to support himself or his family by simply painting. Still, he worked hard and tried his best to be recognized as a legitimate artist.

    Anyone who faced what Michael did in a short span of a few years might’ve given up, yet he remained steadfast. His art kept him motivated, and his determination paid off when he fully incorporated his creativity into the work he shared. Taking inspiration from Kendrick Lamar’s album, “DAMN,” Michael created a faux comic book cover inspired by one of the songs. His creation was an instant hit, and people admired his quirky and unique style, wanting him to share and create more. It was just after discovering his calling that life decided to throw several curve balls at him. First, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and then he had to go into isolation because of his weak immune system. It wasn’t long before he was diagnosed with necrosis, leading to a hip replacement.

    Despite all the setbacks and health issues Michael had finally found his true calling – he created as much art as possible during isolation and at the hospital. He pushed himself to draw every day and soon was stable enough to leave his job at the Olive Garden and set up his online shop, Fine Art of MK. He is incredibly proud of how far he has come and hopes to go even further. Given his love and talent for art, there is no doubt that many positive things are in store for Michael in the future.

    Check his website and Instagram for inspiration and support.

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