“It’s Not the Money I’m After, It’s the Freedom to Live Life on My Own Terms and, Most Importantly, Leave a Legacy!” – Jazmine Humphrey, Founder of ‘My Greek Boutique’


    Behind every initiative, every dream, and every goal is a person who wishes to make a difference. When the owner of My Greek Boutique, Jazmine Humphrey, began her company, she was driven by the initiative to take things to the next level. Having the freedom to make a change, curate new ideas and designs, and demonstrate skills are the backbone of leaving a legacy, a recipe Jazmine has mastered.

    When starting My Greek Boutique, the motive was to offer a variety of exclusive and customizable products. However, Jazmine wanted more than just to sell Greek paraphernalia to Greek-letter organizations: she wanted to invoke a sense of inclusivity. My Greek Boutique does not only offer exclusive designs but is also about the journey and what it stands for.

    My Greek Boutique began on Etsy via dropship, with no proper retail storehouse available. However, the designs it produced and the initiative to help African American sororities and fraternities struck a chord with many customers. Jazmine’s company earned recognition and applause and received positive feedback from numerous customers.

    The positive reinforcement officially led to the formation of My Greek Boutique’s official website and store, based in its birthplace, Little Rock, Arkansas. Since then, it has flourished, grown, and earned nationwide recognition. The company enjoys more than 66k followers on Instagram, and its exclusive and original designs have attracted more customers.

    Living life on her own terms and leaving a legacy prompted Jazmine to continue with this venture. Her designs are one-of-a-kind and cater to every fraternity and sorority, values, history, and background. Moreover, it has given the owner of My Greek Boutique the freedom to create designs that bespeak reality and mesh color with charisma.

    Adding to that inner motivation and drive to leave a legacy, My Greek Boutique is a personally funded company and does not rely on bank loans. The independence, thus, Jazmine always wished to achieve, has enabled her to take the Greek apparel company to the next level.

    As Jazmine wishes to work harder and more toward apparel and Greek-letter accessories, she is also preparing to set up a wholesale enterprise. What started in 2018 as an Etsy dropship company has transpired into a nationwide venture and is prepared for more success.

    To check out My Greek Boutique’s website and designs, click here.



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