Pages from Canada’s Story: March 10


There are many events that happened in Canada’s history on March 10th. Here are some examples:

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell made his first successful telephone call to his assistant Thomas Watson1.

In 1947, David Suzuki, a famous Canadian environmentalist and broadcaster, was born in Port Alberni, British Columbia.
In 1962, Arthur Lucas and Ronald Turpin became the last two people to be executed by hanging in Canada.

In 1977, the Hanlon’s Razor disaster occurred, in which two planes collided on the runway at the CFB Moose Jaw airbase in Saskatchewan. Nine people were killed in the crash.

In 1985, the Progressive Conservative government led by Brian Mulroney introduced the federal budget, which included major spending cuts and tax increases.

In 2005, the Canadian government passed the Civil Marriage Act, which legalized same-sex marriage across the country.

In 2010, the Vancouver Winter Olympics came to a close with the closing ceremony held at BC Place Stadium.

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