With Nextlift Thunder Bay Transit has Never Been Easier


THUNDER BAY – Living – When is the last time you took a transit bus? Thunder Bay Transit offers an affordable means of getting around the city.

A single ride is $3 and a transfer is good for 90 minutes. If it has been a while since you took a bus, you will be happy to learn that technology has come to transit.

Trip planning features include Thunder Bay Transit schedules and mapsNextLift, and Google Maps. Stop times are also available by calling Transit Services customer service at (807) 684-3744.

With your smartphone, Nextlft lets you easily find your bus and be on time for it too.

Are you tired of running after buses and missing them every time? Do you feel like your daily exercise routine consists of sprinting to the bus stop and praying that the driver waits for you? With NextLift, catching a bus has never been easier – or funnier.

Step 1: Surf to Nextlift.ca

First things first, download the NextLift app and create an account. This app is a lifesaver for those of us who struggle to catch a bus on time.

Step 2: Set Your Destination

Once you’ve opened the site, set your destination. This is where you’re headed, and the site will tell you which bus to catch and at what time.

Step 3: Put on Your Running Shoes

Now, this is the fun part. With NextLift, catching a bus is like playing a video game. You’ll need to put on your running shoes and start jogging to the bus stop.

Step 4: Don’t Worry About Traffic

NextLift is so advanced that it can predict traffic and adjust your running speed accordingly. Don’t worry if you’re caught in traffic; the app will tell you to slow down or take a different route.

Step 5: Don’t Be Afraid to Wave

As you approach the bus stop, don’t be afraid to wave at the driver. You’ve worked hard to catch this bus, and you deserve a victory wave. Who knows, the driver might even give you a thumbs up or a high five.

Step 6: Say Thanks to the Driver

This is common on Thunder Bay Transit, people exiting the bus will call out a thanks to the  driver. It’s a nice touch! Keep it going.

In conclusion, with NextLift, catching a bus has never been more fun. You might even feel like a superhero as you jog to the bus stop, and with Nextlift it will help will guide you every step of the way. So, put on your running shoes, checkout NextLift, and catch that bus! And if you miss it, don’t worry – there’s always another one coming.

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