Thunder Bay Transit Shares Detours in Place at Intercity Shopping Centre Parking Lot

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Thunder Bay Transit

Thunder Bay – Living – From July 10th to July 15th, commuters and shoppers at the Intercity Shopping Centre should be aware of detours due to ongoing construction in the parking lot. The following changes will be implemented during this period:

  1. Route Changes for Stop 1006: All routes that usually service stop 1006 at Intercity Shopping Centre, located by the wall, will be redirected to stop 1005 at SB Ft. Wm. Rd. & Intercity.
  2. Route Changes for Stop 1103: For all routes that typically stop at Intercity Shopping Centre Northbound (stop 1103), the new designated stop will be stop 1104 at Ft. Wm. Rd. & Intercity NB.

Additionally, the East End route will undergo the following detour:

  1. Turn left on Isabel St.
  2. Turn right on Memorial Ave. and service stop 1757 (Memorial & Intercity) at Sport Chek, as well as stop 1758 (Memorial & Dunlop).
  3. Turn right on Harbour Expressway.
  4. Turn right on Fort William Rd. and service stop 1005 (Ft. Wm. Rd. & Intercity).
  5. Continue on the regular route.

These detours have been put in place to accommodate the ongoing construction activities within the Intercity Shopping Centre parking lot. Commuters are advised to plan their journeys accordingly and familiarize themselves with the alternate stops during this period.

For further updates and information, please visit the official website of Thunder Bay Transit or refer to their social media channels.

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