Sudden cardiac arrest is becoming quite common – know why this is happening

Mornings are the most dangerous for your heart. Cardiac care research continues

In the new era where tension and anxiety have taken center stage, sudden cardiac arrest is becoming common. As per the latest reports, cardiac arrest among young individuals is reported to grow in the years to come. People as young as eight years are also experiencing cardiac issues.

In a few of the reports from national and international medical agencies, it is seen that around 14% of youngsters suffer from cardiac arrest every year. If you go by the research findings of medical agencies, you will see that healthy individuals below the age of 25 die yearly because of sudden cardiac arrest.

A sudden heart attack will not give you time to take action. However, there are a few ways to help identify the causes so that you can take quick action to control the situation.

Understanding cardiac arrest

A heart attack or cardiac arrest is a life-threatening emergency resulting from unexpected and abrupt loss of heart function that leads to loss of consciousness, and finally, the individual collapses. It is fatal if prompt action is not taken.

Read warning signs

A sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, regardless of whether you lead a healthy life. Many individuals showed no signs of any medical condition or injury before cardiac arrest. Some individuals who endure cardiac arrest might have previously experienced chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting, etc.

When can sudden cardiac death happen in young individuals?

Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death among young athletes. However, it may also affect young individuals not involved in organized sports. It may happen during rest as well as exercise. It might occur during sleep or any other activity. Young individuals may die from cardiac arrest at any time, with or without any previous history of brain damage.

Different causes of cardiac arrest

Talking specifically about the causes of cardiac arrest, there can be hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is usually inherited and genetic. It is the most common cause of sudden cardiac arrest in young individuals. The muscle cells in your heart’s lower chamber will thicken, which causes abnormal heart rhythm.

The second cause is coronary artery abnormality. A defect in a coronary artery, which connects to the heart, may result in decreased blood supply to your heart muscle when you are exercising, which causes cardiac arrest.

Depending on your causes, you may get the help of doctors who will help you with preventive measures and related medication. Always follow the suggestion of your medical practitioner because they have the best knowledge.

If you are experiencing sudden chest pain or are sweating profusely, you should immediately call the medical emergency number and seek medical attention. Prompt action on your part will help you deal with the situation better. Keep an automatic external defibrillator with you. In case of an emergency, you can use it. Check out service providers who are dealing with this product. AED Advantage Sales Ltd is one such company.

At the same time, bring about a change in your lifestyle. Avoid outside food as much as possible and lead a healthy lifestyle. It would help if you visited a medical practitioner from time to time for a complete body check-up.

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