Everything About Stump Grinding You Want to Know!

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    You call tree removal services to remove a dead or harmful tree to protect your property’s aesthetics and keep it safe. When they take it down, a stump remains there. It happens because one can cut the tree to the ground level but not too much down. Due to this, the residual stump appears, tarnishing the beauty of your driveway or lawn wherever it lies. While you may ignore the unsightly view for some time, you must not keep the stump at any cost as it is a trip hazard. The tree removal company can help you with this. But it is usually an additional service that requires using special equipment.

    Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. expert tree services cover this area. You can talk to them or someone else to eliminate the stump from your place.

    Stump grinding process

    A sharp-toothed spinning wheel helps grind the remaining wood down the earth. Some companies can also deal with smaller and more complex to-reach areas because of the size of their machine, such as small or large. Larger ones usually use the power of hydraulics to operate the cutting wheel. The professionals have to prepare for this job at the site. They cover the stump area with a safety shield to prevent the flying debris from getting scattered and becoming a hazard. They will also check the ground for gas, water, and electricity connections to avoid hitting them with the grinder and afflicting injuries. The team will be more careful if the distance between the stump and the fence is short.

    The trained professionals wear proper protective equipment for eyes, ears, and feet to ward off the effects of flying chips, a loud grating sound made by the machine, etc. Remember, deeper or underground tree roots may remain untouched in stump removal. Only the visible ones get uprooted. You don’t need to worry about this, as they usually die on their own. The work will create a massive pile of woodchips and sawdust. The mulch will settle into the spot of the stump. You can let them be there for a few weeks before beginning the reseeding and soiling process. If a flowerbed is on that site, maintain the soil moisture to keep your lawn safe from weeding and plants from frosting problems.

    The downside of not grinding down the stump

    While these create obstructions and tripping risks, there are more reasons to eliminate them. Some trees can develop new shoots if their roots survive. New trees will grow on the site, which you may have to remove later. Stumps also attract pests like termites and carpenter ants. They will get a hiding space threatening your property with infestation. Also, stumps can become an eyesore for buyers if you try to sell your property. If the stump gets infected with fungus, it will be more embarrassing. All these issues may either shoo them away or make them negotiate for a much lower price than the market rate.

    Paying attention to these things is crucial if you want to keep your home up-to-date, even from the outside says Chiang Rai Times.

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