License Plate Scanning Technology: A Game-Changer for Law Enforcement

Ontario drivers can now renew their licence online

What Do You Need to Know?

THUNDER BAY – Police have a new weapon in their efforts to fight crime.

Starting earlier this year, a significant implementation of licence plate scanning technology is underway in Ontario. The technology employs automated licence plate readers (ALPRs) to scan licence plates and capture the date, time, and location where the plate is detected.

This technology is designed to aid law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime and enhancement of road safety. It can identify stolen vehicles, stolen licence plates, or vehicles involved in criminal activities. It can also be utilized for traffic monitoring and identification of drivers without proper registration or licence.

The Ontario Provincial Police, Toronto Police Service, Niagara Regional Police Service, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the OPP Highway Safety Division are among the agencies that are presently utilizing this technology.

While driving, ALPRs are not expected to impact the driving experience of motorists. The technology will take a photograph of the licence plate, which will then be compared with a database of Ontario-registered licence plates. In the event that a match is discovered, the ALPR will record the time, date, and location of the plate.

The data gathered by the ALPRs is retained for a restricted period to enable further investigations if necessary. After that, the data is deleted automatically. For individuals who may have concerns regarding the use of this technology, it is possible to contact their local police service for more information.

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