An Interview with Lecha Khouri, an Internationally Renowned Car Show Host and Business Mogul


How would you sum up your experience amassing a car collection thus far?

Speaking of my enthusiasm towards collecting cars, I first felt pulled to it when I was a young child and have since been doing so for a decade now. I fell in love with supercars at the same moment my heart was set on a pre-owned Ferrari. This was the catalyst that caused me to begin working long hours and taking on various jobs until I had earned enough money to purchase that exact Ferrari. So, from crushing over a pre-owned Ferrari to amassing a massive car collection, I own a bevy of coveted classics and supercars that could definitely turn heads.

You’ve augmented a sizable following by bringing the thrill and excitement of supercars to the screen. Kindly mention some of the restored classics and modern cars that you’ve acquired.

I currently possess a total of 60 high-end customized vehicles, some of which have not yet been made public, and have the biggest collection of Ducati motorcycles in Australia as well. I’d like to list a few of the pieces in my collection, including the Ferrari 250 GT, Dino 246 coupe and spider, Ferrari 330 GTC, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F40, Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918, 1972 Porsche 911 S, 1959 Porsche 356 Speedster, Gumpert Apollo S Evolution, Lamborghini Miura, and others.

Among all the coveted classics and supercars. Which ones are your favorites, and since the recent addition of Gumpert Apollo to your collection has been buzzing lately, what would you like to say in regard to the same?

It would be onerous to set any one as my favorites because I have affection for all of my cars and a peculiar emotional connection to each one. However, I have a stronger affinity for the brand Ferrari. Shedding light on the piece that has recently been unveiled left everyone in awe, which is Gumpert Apollo; this is no ordinary Apollo, a genuine 1 of 1. In fact, it is the only Apollo in existence with an automatic sequential paddle-shift gearbox and 850 horsepower.

Being a supercar collector, what do you advise the car community to preserve when wanting to acquire a car?

Being a car collector, I have always anticipated sharing my knowledge with the car community with bated breath. Regarding the same, I’ve commenced a show called “Supercars Advocates,” which focuses on taking the audience on a journey through the entire experience of acquiring the top automobiles in the world.

Apart from being a supercar collector and a car show host, you are the CEO of Fenlan Group, so what all does it deal with? Additionally, please shed some light on its ups and downs, and how do you ensure you keep track of every circumstance?

Regarding the group, Fenlan Group is a renowned business conglomerate from Australia that has expertise in diverse business domains. Headquartered in Sydney but with global outreach and operations, the group caters to the retail, property development, real estate, automotive, and investment sectors. In the real estate segment, it owns over 43 major and iconic properties, has taken up construction work on 29 major projects, and has 40 properties ready in its portfolio, with five major developments under construction currently. Furthermore, speaking of my entrepreneurial journey, I’d describe it as both a challenging and fulfilling one. I could feel the inclination towards entrepreneurship in my veins from the very beginning. The notion of coming up with something by myself and then ensuring it prospers appeared like an undertaking that I surely desired to take on. Moreover, Heading and operating Fenlan Group has been a great journey throughout. I wholeheartedly believe that the work I perform for the organization helps me remain motivated to take on challenges and produce tangible outcomes.

Your interest in reading comic books caught our attention as a highly intriguing aspect of your life. What would you like to add regarding the same and the kind of comics you enjoy?

In regard to this, I’d like to say I relish CGC-graded comics and am fond of first appearances, such as in X-Men #1, Amazing Spider-Man #1, Iron Man #1, Wolverine #1, Hulk 181 (the first appearance of Wolverine), and Amazing Fantasy 15 (the first appearance of Spider-Man). Both characters happened to be my childhood favorites. I’ve recently acquired a Superman #1 and an Action Comics #1, which is the first appearance of Superman, and a few other notable comics, and along with this, I have non-graded copies that I physically read as well.

What do you anticipate from your current work in the upcoming years?

I founded Supercar Advocates with the vision to make it one of the best car shows of all time, but with Fenlan Group, I am lock, stock, and barrel dedicated to its ceaseless growth and augmentation.

What can we expect in 2023 from you and your passion for cars?

I’m expecting 2023 to be another enormous year. I have a fleet of supercars and hypercars to unveil, new and exciting episodes of Supercar Advocates to release, and a pipeline of development projects to start, including the launch of the all-new “Supercar Advocates Gallery,” which is a private showcase of all my personal favourite cars, bikes, and art. I can’t wait to share most of it with all those who are following me on my life adventure.

Lecha’s journey thus far and how passionate he is, has been incredible as well as inspiring to get to know about, but it would be much more amazing to have a glimpse of his further moves. Lecha has never failed in making his name throughout the globe with his deeds, and by 2023, he and his team hold the determination to have finished the construction of numerous commercial and extravagant luxury residences.

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