The Key for Success is Focus for Larsson


Larsson said entrepreneurs should never underestimate the importance of finding a good work-life balance. It’s a way, he notes, that allows you to work smarter, not harder.

“When you optimize your energy levels, you have more fuel for creation, productivity and accomplishing hard things,” he said. “I could have never reached the level of success would I have not cared for my health.”

He has a very specific type of profile he wants to be surrounded which is key to his success. Larsson looks for growth-minded individuals. The mindset is more important than if they are qualified or have a degree. By doing this he found employees who love what they do and are excellent at it. He didn’t have to continuously be after them as they not only do their job correctly but they do it as good as possible. He came up with a new approach that would offer the required incentives for those who truly desire to see the firm grow rather than paying them a fixed income.

Another key concept was focus. When you have a lot on your plate, trying to do it all causes you to lose focus. Larson became aware of this issue when he had to 400 websites, he struggled to maintain them all.

“While I had systems and processes in place to make it “work”, it was impossible to give them enough love for them to really provide some kind of value.”

This not only made it harder for him to keep working at his full capacity but he also he stopped enjoying his work. He knew this would not hold up over time. This is when Larson decided to focus and Instead of doing 400 mediocre things, he concentrated and did one thing really well. He fully altered his focus and decided to create a global brand in the personal finance niche.

“Now I put all my energy on my one project, that quickly became my baby, compared to the other sites, which were more like far-distant-relatives. When you have a baby, you care for it and give it love every day. You constantly think about it, you give it food and you want it to thrive.

Thanks to this shift he was able to achieve real value and work at his best.

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