A Medical Diagnosis With Less Stress


There has been a marked global increase in ADHD diagnoses since the 1980s. The reasons for this vary, depending on who you may ask, but the writing is on the wall — today, one in nine people will receive a diagnosis of ADHD at some point, typically when they are children. Even adults who may have once believed they were simply unorganized or unfocused are discovering that ADHD is likely the culprit behind many concerns about their ability to function at home or work.

PurposeMed, a Canadian-based healthcare provider, is upending the adult ADHD diagnosis process through its Frida ADHD diagnosis and care program. Receiving a diagnosis and treatment for ADHD can often mean months of doctor visits and sometimes thousands of dollars, but Frida aims to make every aspect of the ADHD care journey accessible and affordable to all.

Accessible and comfort-focused

Within the Canadian healthcare system, there are a few options available to adults who suspect they may have ADHD. The primary suggestion will likely be that people take advantage of Canada’s public healthcare system, as their public healthcare programs — OHIP and Alberta Health, for example — do offer coverage for ADHD assessments and treatment.

However, that coverage often does not include virtual healthcare, leaving people who have trouble accessing in-person services or those uncomfortable with in-person services with little choice in their approach to care. Additionally, they can also experience a lack of coverage for healthcare provided by nurses, nurse practitioners, psychologists, or mental health counselors for their ADHD.

The public healthcare system has also been hampered by long wait times for initial appointments, assessments, and treatment. A global shortage of doctors, including psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who provide ADHD care, has impacted virtually every health system around the world.

When seeking care for ADHD, private clinics can be another option. But as they operate outside of the public healthcare umbrella, these private providers can be expensive, with overall costs reaching into the thousands of dollars range. While some may have private insurance through their employers that would cover some of these costs, those plans have limits similar to public plans. Furthermore, many private clinics are staffed by providers who cannot prescribe medication if necessary.

Frida has emerged to address these varied pain points for adults seeking answers about their suspected ADHD and provide comprehensive treatment plans. As an online provider, Frida brings the best of both the private and public healthcare worlds to the table in one accessible package. Not only is Frida affordable, but one can usually get an appointment scheduled within a few days to a few weeks.

Frida is comfort-focused, bringing adults with suspected ADHD care in their own homes on their time. Starting with a completely free self-assessment, Frida offers a bevy of options, including a full clinical assessment and follow-up, continuous treatment.

Affordability for adults with ADHD

One of the most significant factors standing in the way of treatment for adults with ADHD is the cost of continued care. Private clinics, for instance, can charge upwards of $2,500 for an assessment and diagnosis. While public healthcare covers the cost of diagnosis, in most cases, the follow-up treatments may not be covered.

Frida offers assessment and diagnosis for $599 — a cost far lower than other private clinic options. They can provide such quality care at a low cost because they leverage advanced technology for efficiency and cost savings. Following the quality assessment and diagnosis, patients who need medication can get quick access to exactly what they need to begin feeling better.

Continuous care is available through Frida for the low cost of $29 a month if the patient chooses. A trained clinician will meet with the patient regularly to create an individualized treatment plan to manage their ADHD and help them lead more focused, productive lives. Those treatment plans may involve medication, non-medication approaches, or a combination of both to arrive at the best outcomes for the patients. If a patient requires medication, that medication can be delivered to them right to their homes. The full telehealth experience that Frida offers provides additional cost savings for patients, allowing them to receive comprehensive care without needing to travel for appointments or to pick up prescriptions

Receiving a quick and accurate ADHD diagnosis and subsequent care plan as an adult is crucial for patients’ health. According to Dr. Len Adler, one of the foremost researchers of adult ADHD, upwards of 75% of adults with ADHD may not know they have it. Frida puts the power back in the hands of patients who often feel powerless and out of control with an ADHD diagnosis. How one approaches the management of their ADHD can change their lives, and Frida is set to upend how providers approach ADHD assessment and ongoing care, changing the industry for the better.

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