Why Is It Better To Plan The Event With An Event Management Platform?

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An event management platform makes event planning, execution, and real-time management an easy affair by streamlining operations. It offers a plethora of benefits that not only sort your events but help the general management of your business as well. 

Here are some key reasons to adopt an event management platform in your business right away:

Set up your event within minutes 

80% of event planners now resort to the services of an event management platform in some capacity as they help you set up events within minutes. Using a platform such as Bizzabo or a Bizzabo alternative will cover the complete planning and execution of an event.

It brings all its aspects under one roof. For example, inviting and coordinating with attendees, managing the staff, and staging the key moments of the event. It also takes care of contingencies and last-minute changes to ensure a smooth flow of the event.

Moreover, an event platform helps you reduce the time, effort, and resources you spend on each task of an event. Reducing redundant tasks and streamlining processes reduces costs while delivering superior results.

Have absolute control over your events 

By bringing all aspects of event planning on one platform, you get a comprehensive view of the event. It helps you evaluate it as a whole and have absolute control over it. You can make changes while considering their effect on the other aspects of your event.

For example, if you’re hosting an event for 50 brand associates at a hotel, you can easily manage their seating arrangement on your event management platform. You may consider shifting people from one place to the other while seeing in real-time how it will impact the seating arrangement.

Create the online registration process within minutes 

Ace virtual events by enrolling participants swiftly and with great ease. Create your online registration process within minutes and simplify the process. Attract more participants with a simple and effective process. 

With many events, you’ll have to register multiple participants as well. An event management system takes care of it by enabling simultaneous registrations. Send email confirmations right away to ensure the process was a success. 

It helps you cast a positive impression on the participants right from the get-go as they will appreciate the quick registration process and the immediate confirmation that comes in its wake.

Connect with your target audience and attract the right set of attendees

Superior event management helps you attract the right set of attendees by being straightforward in its message and execution. A poorly put-together event will be all over the place, unable to convey its message clearly, and lose its core audience. 

A well-put-together event will reflect its message in every facet. It will help you attract the right kind of people and connect with them sincerely. You’ll be able to direct the attendees through the event better, giving yourself ample time to connect with them throughout.

Monetize your events 

A well-planned event can be monetized fairly easily. You can assure the investors about the smooth execution and success of the event by the virtue of it being diligently planned. Here are a few avenues to monetize your event:

  • Ticket sales to the audience
  • Speaking slots for the sponsors
  • Sponsor banners
  • Ad slots
  • Mention in the event as well as social media
  • Email signatures

The event management platform also helps you manage your sponsors well. You can convey the arrangements to them and keep in touch with them throughout the event. Lastly, the platform helps you take care of payments you receive from the sponsors.

Enhance the overall experience of the attendees 

One of the key goals of hosting an event is to create a positive and meaningful experience for the attendees. 49% of marketers say that participant engagement is the most important metric to judge the success of an event for them.

Your event management platform helps you create a uniform and enhanced experience for all your attendees. You can send them confirmations, and reminders beforehand as well as communicate with them throughout the event about updates.

Many companies are often running multiple events at the same time. With an event management system, you can create a fluid and consistent experience across all your events. You can also add signature notes such as badges for attendees for a connected overall experience.

Create meaningful connections during your event 

Planning and executing an event manually is a tedious task. It would leave little room for you to interact with attendees at a stretch. Using software to manage events as desired helps you create an ideal environment to interact with attendees.

You can treat attendees based on their preferences and make meaningful connections through that. For example, if you’ve decided to serve coconut-flavored drinks as refreshments, you can inform your attendees beforehand about anyone being allergic to it.

This lets your attendees know that you’ve put special care into hosting them. And it is easy to conduct by interacting with them in masse through your event management platform.

Final thoughts

Event management platforms have seen an explosive rise in recent times. Brands have been experimenting with different types of events to create opportunities to interact and form bonds with their target audience.

Event management platforms help companies manage multiple events at once, all on one platform. They help you save time and resources while providing a fulfilling experience to your target audience.

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