BRUNO_OFFII soon to announce the release date for his all new music video LPS


    After a week of hustle, the youth frequently seeks social interaction in the form of parties. A nightmare, though, is not being able to enjoy the party. Your surroundings or the music the DJ is playing can be the cause. Whatever the case, if your weekend celebration is disrupted, all of your week’s hard work seems to have been in vain because you are unable to relax after putting in a lot of effort. The DJ and the music, though, are no longer a concern. Because the name of well-known singer and DJ Putilin Denis Viktorovich, better known by his stage name ” BRUNO_OFFII” is now resonating throughout the world of music, rap, and party songs.

    A popular rapper and DJ named BRUNO_OFFII is frequently sought after at grand parties and events. He is now preparing the release of numerous music videos in 2023. By the beginning of February, production on the “Lil Baby” music video should be completed. In addition, he has also recorded many covers of songs by well-known artists, including Artik and Asti. He claimed in an interview that Yegor Creed and Ani Lorak both thought highly of him. And he has always held a high regard for Buzova, describing her as an illustration of how a common person can rise to the level of a highly successful personality.

    These days, BRUNO_OFFII can be seen busy shooting for the track LPS. This music video frames a complex love story, which, as often happens, has a tragic end. The audience will be taken on an emotional roller coaster while experiencing the song. Putilin will appear as a professional photographer who is engaged in shooting models at the studio. But the hero’s broken heart belongs only to one of them. The role of the spouse also adds an emotional touch to the video. Her role is that of a supporting wife who is always ready to be there for her husband in times of need. In the video, the rapper is seen with a wig since he had already cut his hair. The official release of the clip and the video is known to take place on February 10.

    A while back, BRUNO_OFFII visited the Comedy Club movie set. There, he spoke with the hosts about his work in the studio, enjoyed the show, and then sang a song in memory of Garik Kharlamov. He also took part in the 2023 New Wave International Competition. For his performance, he’ll wear the same outfit as he did in the “Back” music video. Putilin Denis Viktorovich is rapidly developing his musical skills every day. The variety of projects he manages helps him refine his talent. His name begins to spread farther and farther with each event he appears at. We won’t have to wait long to see his name at the top of the hit lists.

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