Oxana Nourse Brings A New Revolution in Medical Aesthetic Spas with New You Spa

Oxana Nourse Brings A New Revolution in Medical Aesthetic Spas with New You Spa

The staff at New You Spa is made up of medical experts, clinicians, physicians, and customer care executives who pride themselves on keeping up to date with the latest market trends and technologies. All of their expert nurses have extensive training around the world which allows them to bring high-quality, innovative techniques and services to Canada. 

Focused on Results

Oxana Nourse brings passion and dedication to New You Spa. She saw what was missing in the industry and put a major emphasis on innovating her brand with an empathetic female perspective. “I soon realized that in my current industry, a key element was missing, ‘paying for results’, not paying for a service. So, people were paying for nothing, really. My mission is to continue to build a company and team that guaranteed high-quality results to clients.” 

And Oxana has done just that, taking New You Spa to a whole new level. They’re known throughout the nation as pioneers and innovators, redefining the world of non-surgical aesthetic procedures. New You Spa pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, going above and beyond to give their clients results that they’re 100% satisfied with. 

Clients are the Priority 

New You Spa runs its centers with a five-star concierge service. Whether it be the aesthetician performing your procedure, or a receptionist answering the phone when you call for more information, each and every single employee has undergone extensive training in order to ensure they provide outstanding service at every interaction. When you walk into any of the seven locations in Toronto, you’ll be greeted by a staff member who is friendly, yet knowledgeable and professional. 

The team at New You goes out of their way to treat every single one of their clients like a member of the family. Clients are offered guidance towards services, with all of their questions thoughtfully answered and their concerns listened to. The staff makes every effort to get to know their clients, and returning customers are always pleased when the staff remembers small details about them and their lives. 

Services Tailored to Clients

New You goes above and beyond in order to offer the newest and best technologies by sourcing them on a global level. This allows them to provide optimal results that cannot be obtained with any competitor. 

The skilled professionals at New You offer more than 30 quality services and lead the industry in laser aesthetics, body contouring, skin rejuvenation, and anti-aging solutions. New You offers a wide array of services and procedures to help you put your best face forward. Their goal is to make you feel great in your body and they offer professional services that are customized to suit your individual needs and concerns. 

Their services are tailored to the needs of each client, but some of the most popular treatments are:

  • Laser Hair Removal: New You has performed more than 500,000 laser hair removal treatments which makes them the largest and most trusted provider of the service. Their newest 3-in-1 technology is the most advanced device on the market today, making for a pain-free laser hair removal experience.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: The skin tightening service offered at New You is a non-surgical, completely non-invasive treatment that only takes one hour to complete. At other clinics, a similar treatment would include over three hours of painful injections. This new technology is ten times more effective than injections, and the results last five years longer. 

New You Spa is the industry leader, setting the trends for others to follow, and will make you feel great in your body again. When you visit New You, you put your best face (and body) forward, and walk out knowing that all of your concerns have been addressed by the best professionals in the business.

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